Виталий Лобанов



Английские слова: уровень C2

1. Abhor - ненавидеть; I abhor the smell of cigarette smoke.
2. Abide - придерживаться; I will abide by the rules and regulations.
3. Abstruse - трудно понятный; The concept of quantum mechanics is abstruse.
4. Accolade - похвала; She received accolades for her excellent performance.
5. Acerbic - язвительный, острый; He is known for his acerbic sense of humor.
6. Acquiesce - уступать, соглашаться; I acquiesced to their demands.
7. Acrimonious - язвительный, резкий; The debate turned acrimonious and people started yelling.
8. Admonish - наставлять, предупреждать; The teacher admonished the students to work hard.
9. Adroit - умелый, ловкий; He is an adroit negotiator.
10. Advocate - отстаивать, поддерживать; The lawyer advocated for better working conditions.
11. Affiliate - связывать, объединять; The company is affiliated with several other organizations.
12. Affluent - богатый, изобильный; The affluent neighborhood was filled with expensive houses.
13. Aggrandize - увеличивать важность, расширять; The dictator tried to aggrandize his power.
14. Alacrity - готовность, бойкость; She accepted the challenge with alacrity.
15. Altruistic - бескорыстный, самоотверженный; She is known for her altruistic work with the disadvantaged.
16. Amalgamate - объединять, соединять; The two companies amalgamated to form a larger one.
17. Ambiguous - двусмысленный, неоднозначный; His answer was ambiguous and left everyone confused.
18. Ambivalent - двоякий, неопределенный; She had an ambivalent attitude towards staying or leaving.
19. Ameliorate - улучшать, смягчать; The new medicine helped to ameliorate her symptoms.
20. Amenable - послушный, поддающийся; He was amenable to taking on more responsibility.
21. Amorphous - неопределенный, без формы; The cloud had an amorphous shape.
22. Anachronistic - несовременный, устарелый; His attire was anachronistic and out of place.
23. Anathema - проклятие, осуждение; The controversial musician was considered an anathema by many.
24. Anecdote - анекдот, рассказ; He shared an interesting anecdote about his travels.
25. Anguish - мучительная боль, страдание; She felt anguish at the loss of her loved one.
26. Animosity - неприязнь, враждебность; The two countries had a long history of animosity towards each other.
27. Annex - присоединять, присваивать; The country annexed the neighboring territory.
28. Anomaly - аномалия, отклонение; The results of the experiment were an anomaly.
29. Antagonism - противоборство, враждебность; The rivalry between the two teams was filled with antagonism.
30. Antediluvian - древний, устаревший; The equipment was antediluvian and needed to be replaced.
31. Antipathy - неприязнь, отвращение; She felt antipathy towards the politician.
32. Apathy - равнодушие, безразличие; He showed a complete apathy towards the matter.
33. Aphorism - афоризм, крылатое выражение; The writer was known for his clever aphorisms.
34. Apotheosis - высшая точка, утверждение; His success was seen as the apotheosis of his career.
35. Apparition - призрак, явление; She saw an apparition in the abandoned house.
36. Appease - умиротворять, утолять; She tried to appease their anger with a sincere apology.
37. Apprehensive - боязливый, озабоченный; He was apprehensive about his upcoming surgery.
38. Approbation - одобрение, принятие; Her work received unanimous approbation from the critics.
39. Arduous - тяжелый, напряженный; The climb up the mountain was arduous and exhausting.
40. Articulate - излагать, формулировать; She was able to articulate her thoughts with clarity and precision.
41. Ascertain - устанавливать, выяснять; He tried to ascertain whether his suspicions were true.
42. Aspire - стремиться, мечтать; She aspired to become a successful entrepreneur.
43. Assiduous - усердный, старательный; She was assiduous in her studies and always did well.
44. Assuage - успокаивать, облегчать; The medicine helped to assuage her pain.
45. Astute - проницательный, остроумный; He is an astute businessman who always knows the right move to make.
46. Atrophy - атрофироваться, увядать; The muscles will atrophy if they are not used.
47. Audacity - дерзость, отвага; She had the audacity to ask for a raise after only one week on the job.
48. Austerity - скромность, умеренность; The country imposed austerity measures to reduce its debt.
49. Authentic - подлинный, настоящий; The painting was found to be authentic after extensive testing.
50. Authoritative - авторитетный, уважаемый; His opinions on politics were highly authoritative.
51. Autonomy - автономия, независимость; The region gained autonomy from the central government.
52. Avarice - жадность, алчность; His avarice led him to make unethical business decisions.
53. Aversion - отвращение, неприязнь; She had an aversion to public speaking.
54. Banal - банальный, заурядный; The movie was criticized for its banal plot.
55. Bane - вред, гибель; The addiction was the bane of his life.
56. Beguile - обманывать, соблазнять; He tried to beguile her with his charms.
57. Belie - противоречить, опровергать; His actions belie his words.
58. Bellicose - воинственный, агрессивный; The leader's bellicose rhetoric led to war.
59. Benevolent - доброжелательный, благотворительный; She is a benevolent person who always helps others.
60. Benign - благоприятный, добрый; The results of the test were benign.
61. Bequeath - завещать, оставлять наследство; He bequeathed his wealth to his children.
62. Berate - ругать, бранить; The coach berated the team for their poor performance.
63. Bereft - обездоленный, оставленный без чего-либо; She was bereft of hope after losing everything.
64. Beseech - умолять, просить; She beseeched him to stay with her.
65. Blatant - явный, беззастенчивый; The company's blatant disregard for the environment was criticized by activists.
66. Blithe - беспечный, радостный; She is always blithe and carefree.
67. Bombastic - бомбастический, громкий; The politician's bombastic speech was full of empty promises.
68. Boorish - грубый, неотесанный; His boorish behavior offended everyone in the room.
69. Brevity - краткость, сжатость; His speech was praised for its brevity and conciseness.
70. Brittle - хрупкий, ломкий; The brittle glass shattered when it hit the ground.
71. Bucolic - буколический, деревенский; The countryside was filled with bucolic scenery.
72. Buffet - бить, ударять; The car was buffeted by the strong winds.
73. Burgeon - расцветать, развиваться; The business began to burgeon after it was acquired by a larger company.
74. Cacophony - крикливое звучание, шум; The cacophony of the jackhammers made it hard to concentrate.
75. Callous - бессердечный, жестокий; The callous treatment of the prisoners was condemned by human rights groups.
76. Candor - искренность, откровенность; She spoke with candor about her past mistakes.
77. Capricious - капризный, переменчивый; Her mood was capricious and could change at any moment.
78. Captious - капризный, придирчивый; He was known for his captious and critical nature.
79. Carouse - пировать, гулять; They spent the night carousing and drinking.
80. Castigate - ругать, порицать; The boss castigated the employee for being lazy.
81. Catalyst - катализатор, побудительный фактор; The new program was a catalyst for change in the organization.
82. Caustic - едкий, язвительный; His caustic commentary offended many people.
83. Celestial - небесный, божественный; The night sky was filled with celestial bodies.
84. Censure - осуждение, порицание; The senator faced censure for his unethical behavior.
85. Chicanery - хитрость, обман, махинация; The politician was accused of chicanery in the election.
86. Chimera - химера, выдумка; The idea of a utopian society is a chimera that will never be realized.
87. Churlish - грубый, хамский; His churlish behavior offended everyone in the room.
88. Circuitous - извилистый, косой; The circuitous route took us twice as long to get there.
89. Clairvoyant - ясновидец, видящий вещи на расстоянии; She claimed to have clairvoyant abilities and could predict the future.
90. Coalesce - сливаться, соединяться; The two companies coalesced to form a stronger organization.
91. Cogent - убедительный, ясный; His argument was cogent and convincing.
92. Cogitate - обдумывать, размышлять; She spent the weekend cogitating her next move.
93. Collusion - злоупотребление полномочиями, сговор; The businessmen were accused of collusion in a price-fixing scheme.
94. Complacent - самодовольный, удовлетворенный; The company became complacent after years of success.
95. Compliant - покорный, послушный; The employee was always compliant and followed orders without question.
96. Compunction - угрызения совести, сожаление; She felt compunction for her actions.
97. Conciliate - примирять, согласовывать; The mediator tried to conciliate the two sides in the dispute.
98. Condone - одобрять, потворствовать; The teacher could not condone cheating in any form.
99. Conflagration - пожар, возгорание; The conflagration destroyed several homes.
100. Confluence - слияние, соединение; The confluence of two rivers created a spectacular sight.

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