Виталий Лобанов



Фразы собеседование: переводчик

1. What inspired you to become a translator?
2. What is your educational background?
3. What languages can you speak fluently?
4. How long have you been working as a translator?
5. What type of translation work have you done in the past?
6. What type of translation work are you interested in doing in the future?
7. What translation software are you familiar with?
8. What is your level of proficiency in different translation software?
9. What is your level of proficiency in Microsoft Office applications?
10. How do you handle complex terminology?
11. What do you consider to be your greatest strength as a translator?
12. What area of translation do you specialize in?
13. What other skills do you bring to the table as a translator?
14. How do you manage your time as a freelancer translator?
15. Do you have any translation certifications?
16. What are common translation errors in your working languages?
17. Can you work with CAT tools?
18. What is your usual process for translating a document?
19. Do you provide localization services?
20. Do you proofread your work?
21. How do you charge for your translation services?
22. What is your standard turnaround time?
23. What is your process for handling urgent translation requests?
24. Would you be comfortable translating a technical document?
25. Are you familiar with legal terminology?
26. How would you handle cultural nuances in a translation?
27. What are your favorite translation projects?
28. What is a project you have worked on that you found particularly challenging?
29. How do you research terminology for a technical translation project?
30. How do you estimate the time and effort required for a translation project?
31. Do you have experience translating for audio-visual content?
32. How do you stay up-to-date with industry terminology and trends?
33. What translation tools do you regularly use?
34. Have you ever worked with a team of translators on a project? How did it go?
35. How do you communicate with a client or project manager during a translation project?
36. Have you ever had to decline a translation project? Why?
37. Have you ever had to deal with a difficult client? How did you handle the situation?
38. How do you handle confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements?
39. Are you knowledgeable with industry-specific principles, guidelines and terminology?
40. Have you ever worked within a specific field of translation other than general translation?
41. Have you experienced any hardships as a translator? (Such as a tricky document or difficult client)
42. What do you think are the most important qualities for a translator?
43. Have you ever received any negative feedback from a client or project manager about your translations?
44. Do you frequently encounter issues with cultural or linguistic nuances?
45. Do you translate in your native language only?
46. Are you comfortable translating between languages with different alphabets (i.e. Chinese to English)?
47. Have you ever worked remotely with a team of translators?
48. What motivates you as a translator?
49. Have you ever worked in a specific industry and then translated a document related to that industry?
50. How do you ensure a high quality translation?
51. What makes a translation successful?
52. In your opinion, what is the most challenging aspect of translation?
53. Can you describe a time when you had to adapt to a client's specific translation needs?
54. What translation software do you use and how comfortable are you with it?
55. What experience do you have with legal or technical translation?
56. What experience do you have translating marketing or advertising materials?
57. What is your process for translating a website?
58. What terminology or words do you struggle with the most?
59. Have you ever worked with a client overseas? What were the challenges of working from different time zones?
60. Have you ever translated a text incorrectly and how did you handle it?
61. How do you manage client expectations?
62. How do you handle urgent translation needs?
63. Can you explain your translation process, from start to finish?
64. Are you comfortable working with large translation projects?
65. What is your experience with translation memory software?
66. Have you ever declined a project due to a lack of knowledge in a specific area?
67. What is the most common mistake you see in translations?
68. What is the best translation tool that you recommend?
69. What is your experience with CAT tool integrations?
70. Do you believe translation quality can be automated?
71. What is your experience with machine translation?
72. What measures do you take to ensure client confidentiality?
73. What is a project you've translated that has helped you grow as a translator?
74. What is your go-to resource for translation queries?
75. Have you worked on a translation project for a website or mobile application?
76. What is your experience with translation management systems?
77. Have you ever worked on a translation project with an extremely short deadline? How did you handle it?
78. What is the most common complaint you've received from clients about your translations?
79. Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you weren't sure of the correct translation choice? How did you handle it?
80. Are you familiar with the term "transcreation"? What is your experience with this type of translation?
81. Have you ever encountered an issue with the source material during a translation project?
82. Do you have experience with legalizing translated documents?
83. Have you ever worked on a project with multiple clients or stakeholders?
84. How do you keep track of project deadlines?
85. Can you describe a time when you had to translate a document with a lot of industry-specific jargon?
86. Have you ever had to translate a document for a different audience than the original (i.e. a technical manual for a non-technical audience)?
87. What is the most technical or specialized document you've translated?
88. How do you handle potential mistranslations due to cultural differences?
89. Have you ever worked on translating subtitles for a video or film?
90. Are you familiar with translation memory and glossary management?
91. What is your experience with translating patents or other legal documents?
92. How do you handle potentially sensitive or controversial material?
93. Have you ever worked on a project where you had to translate very quickly, sacrificing some quality?
94. What is the most common question you receive from clients?
95. How do you ensure consistency throughout a long translation project?
96. Have you ever had to withdraw from a project or cancel a contract?
97. What is the process you follow when editing or proofreading someone else's translation?
98. What translation issues do you think arise most frequently?
99. Do you consider yourself a specialist in any particular subject or industry?
100. What is your proudest achievement as a translator?

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