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Задания по грамматике английского языка: 
Вопросы в Present Simple Passive

Переделайте предложения ниже в отрицания и утверждения.

1. Are the letters written by hand or typed?
2. Is the project completed yet?
3. Is the food cooked to perfection?
4. Are the flowers watered daily?
5. Are the clothes ironed before they are worn?
6. Is the car washed every week?
7. Is the report reviewed by a supervisor?
8. Is the song sung in English or another language?
9. Is the package delivered on time?
10. Are the books shelved in alphabetical order?
11. Is the website updated frequently?
12. Is the coffee brewed fresh every morning?
13. Is the medicine prescribed by a doctor?
14. Is the door locked at night?
15. Is the product manufactured in the USA?
16. Is the cake baked from scratch or from a mix?
17. Is the decision made by the board of directors?
18. Is the room cleaned daily?
19. Is the lesson taught by a qualified teacher?
20. Is the computer programmed to perform certain tasks?
21. Is the question answered in the FAQ section?
22. Is the letter mailed or sent online?
23. Is the movie filmed on location or in a studio?
24. Is the event planned by a professional organizer?
25. Is the music composed by a well-known artist?
26. Is the game played on a console or computer?
27. Is the tour guided by a local expert?
28. Is the story written by a Pulitzer Prize winner?
29. Is the request processed within 24 hours?
30. Is the ticket booked online or in-person?
31. Is the problem reported by the customer?
32. Are the instructions followed carefully?
33. Are the news headlines updated hourly?
34. Are the vegetables grown organically?
35. Are the documents filed alphabetically?
36. Are the photographs taken by a professional photographer?
37. Are the rules enforced by security personnel?
38. Are the measurements calculated accurately?
39. Are the ingredients sourced locally?
40. Is the equipment maintained regularly?
41. Is the meeting scheduled for next week?
42. Is the software installed by a technician?
43. Is the house built by a reputable contractor?
44. Is the request approved by management?
45. Is the problem solved to the customer's satisfaction?
46. Is the pizza cooked in a wood-fired oven?
47. Is the schedule prepared in advance?
48. Is the event broadcasted live on television?
49. Is the furniture assembled by the buyer or a professional?
50. Are the notes taken in class reviewed later?
51. Are the lessons learned from mistakes made?
52. Are the supplies replenished regularly?
53. Are the results recorded accurately?
54. Is the mail delivered daily?
55. Is the temperature controlled in the building?
56. Is the laundry washed and folded neatly?
57. Is the art created by a talented artist?
58. Is the photo printed in color or black and white?
59. Is the problem fixed immediately or later?
60. Are the goals achieved within the given timeframe?
61. Is the roof repaired by a professional contractor?
62. Is the order placed by phone or online?
63. Is the location chosen by the event planner?
64. Are the reports filed on time?
65. Is the story told by a narrator or from a first-person perspective?
66. Is the dress sewn by a skilled tailor?
67. Is the phone answered by a receptionist?
68. Is the bedroom cleaned by the hotel staff?
69. Is the food cooked to order or prepared ahead of time?
70. Is the message left on voicemail or answered in person?
71. Is the appointment scheduled for a specific time?
72. Is the painting hung on the wall by a professional?
73. Is the warranty included in the purchase?
74. Is the project completed within the budget?
75. Is the job performed by a licensed professional?
76. Is the book written by a famous author?
77. Is the construction project overseen by an engineer?
78. Is the document translated accurately?
79. Is the package handled with care during shipment?
80. Is the email sent to the correct recipient?
81. Is the customer served in a timely manner?
82. Is the review written by someone with first-hand experience?
83. Is the contract signed by both parties?
84. Is the password changed regularly for security purposes?
85. Is the decision based on thorough research and analysis?
86. Is the data collected and analyzed for trends?
87. Is the artifact preserved for future generations to study?
88. Is the message conveyed clearly and effectively?
89. Is the issue resolved quickly or does it require ongoing attention?
90. Is the person responsible for the error held accountable?
91. Is the problem resolved to the satisfaction of all parties?
92. Is the request fulfilled within the specified timeframe?
93. Is the product tested for quality assurance?
94. Is the goal measured by quantifiable metrics?
95. Is the process streamlined to improve efficiency?
96. Is the policy enforced consistently?
97. Is the system monitored for security breaches?
98. Is the strategy revised as necessary?
99. Is the decision communicated clearly and effectively to all stakeholders?
100. Is the work evaluated for effectiveness and efficiency?

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