Виталий Лобанов



Задания по грамматике английского языка: 
Утверждения в Present Simple Passive

Переделайте предложения ниже в отрицания и вопросы.

1. The book is read by many people.
2. The song is sung by the choir.
3. The cake is baked by my sister.
4. The letter is written by my mom.
5. The movie is watched by millions of people.
6. The house is built by the construction workers.
7. The car is driven by my father.
8. The food is prepared by the chef.
9. The game is played by children.
10. The article is written by the journalist.
11. The website is designed by the web developer.
12. The flowers are grown by the gardener.
13. The clothes are washed by the washing machine.
14. The program is coded by the programmer.
15. The picture is drawn by the artist.
16. The water is boiled on the stove.
17. The room is cleaned by the housekeeper.
18. The vegetables are cooked by the chef.
19. The project is managed by the team leader.
20. The bookshelves are built by the carpenter.
21. The lesson is taught by the teacher.
22. The coffee is brewed by the barista.
23. The track is run by the athletes.
24. The exam is taken by the students.
25. The cake is decorated by the baker.
26. The party is organized by the event planner.
27. The fire is extinguished by the firefighter.
28. The package is delivered by the mail carrier.
29. The carpet is vacuumed by the cleaner.
30. The merchandise is sold by the retailer.
31. The email is sent by the sender.
32. The news is reported by the journalist.
33. The photo is taken by the photographer.
34. The phone is answered by the receptionist.
35. The reservation is made by the customer.
36. The ticket is sold by the ticket agent.
37. The question is answered by the expert.
38. The surgery is performed by the surgeon.
39. The patient is examined by the doctor.
40. The phone call is made by the caller.
41. The permission is granted by the authority.
42. The mistake is corrected by the editor.
43. The sentence is translated by the interpreter.
44. The decision is made by the committee.
45. The order is placed by the customer.
46. The review is written by the critic.
47. The document is signed by the signer.
48. The change is made by the administrator.
49. The reservation is confirmed by the hotel staff.
50. The store is opened by the employee.
51. The injury is treated by the nurse.
52. The donation is made by the donor.
53. The shipment is received by the recipient.
54. The call is recorded by the recorder.
55. The merger is announced by the CEO.
56. The payment is processed by the cashier.
57. The book is published by the publisher.
58. The program is sponsored by the company.
59. The schedule is announced by the announcer.
60. The decision is influenced by the adviser.
61. The interview is conducted by the interviewer.
62. The project is completed by the team.
63. The goal is achieved by the team member.
64. The mistake is avoided by the team.
65. The recommendation is made by the expert.
66. The solution is proposed by the consultant.
67. The test is administered by the proctor.
68. The feedback is provided by the survey.
69. The vacancy is filled by the applicant.
70. The product is developed by the team.
71. The message is communicated by the speaker.
72. The product is advertised by the marketer.
73. The call is transferred by the operator.
74. The message is relayed by the messenger.
75. The procedure is followed by the staff.
76. The web page is visited by the user.
77. The report is generated by the software.
78. The assignment is completed by the student.
79. The paper is graded by the teacher.
80. The progress is monitored by the supervisor.
81. The event is sponsored by the organization.
82. The presentation is delivered by the presenter.
83. The meeting is chaired by the leader.
84. The decision is ratified by the members.
85. The rule is enforced by the administrator.
86. The policy is implemented by the staff.
87. The agreement is signed by the parties.
88. The complaint is handled by the customer service.
89. The request is processed by the department.
90. The challenge is overcome by the team.
91. The resource is utilized by the staff.
92. The opportunity is seized by the entrepreneur.
93. The property is managed by the company.
94. The customer is satisfied by the service.
95. The problem is solved by the expert.
96. The situation is assessed by the analyst.
97. The risk is managed by the manager.
98. The cost is estimated by the accountant.
99. The task is assigned by the supervisor.
100. The objective is achieved by the team effort.

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