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Задания по грамматике английского языка: 
Утверждения в Present Simple

Переделайте предложения ниже в отрицания и вопросы.

1. I walk to work every day.
2. She cooks dinner every night.
3. He reads books in the evenings.
4. They watch TV on the weekends.
5. We listen to music in the car.
6. You play video games after school.
7. The sun rises in the east.
8. The moon shines at night.
9. Cats sleep all day.
10. Dogs bark at strangers.
11. Trees grow tall and strong.
12. Flowers bloom in the spring.
13. The ocean waves crash on the shore.
14. Birds fly in the sky.
15. People work hard for a living.
16. The clock ticks loudly in the morning.
17. The train arrives on time.
18. The bus runs on schedule.
19. The wind blows through the trees.
20. The rain falls from the sky.
21. The snow covers the ground in winter.
22. The sun sets in the west.
23. The stars twinkle in the night sky.
24. The river flows to the sea.
25. The fire burns brightly in the fireplace.
26. The smoke rises from the chimney.
27. The children play in the park.
28. The students study hard for exams.
29. The teacher explains the lesson clearly.
30. The doctor helps sick patients.
31. The police officer maintains law and order.
32. The firefighter saves people from burning buildings.
33. The chef prepares delicious meals.
34. The waiter serves food to customers.
35. The cashier handles money transactions.
36. The accountant manages financial records.
37. The lawyer defends the rights of clients.
38. The journalist reports the news to the public.
39. The musician plays beautiful melodies.
40. The artist creates stunning paintings.
41. The writer pens intriguing stories.
42. The poet composes heartfelt verses.
43. The dancer performs graceful movements.
44. The athlete trains hard to achieve success.
45. The traveler explores foreign lands.
46. The tourist visits famous landmarks.
47. The explorer braves unknown territories.
48. The scientist conducts groundbreaking research.
49. The engineer designs innovative inventions.
50. The inventor creates useful gadgets.
51. The entrepreneur starts a successful business.
52. The investor makes wise financial decisions.
53. The banker manages personal accounts.
54. The economist analyzes economic trends.
55. The historian studies past events.
56. The philosopher contemplates the meaning of life.
57. The psychologist studies human behavior.
58. The sociologist examines societal issues.
59. The anthropologist studies cultures around the world.
60. The linguist studies language patterns.
61. The mathematician solves complex equations.
62. The physicist studies the laws of nature.
63. The biologist studies living organisms.
64. The chemist studies chemical reactions.
65. The geologist studies the earth's crust.
66. The astronomer studies celestial bodies.
67. The astrologer reads horoscopes.
68. The magician performs magic tricks.
69. The actor portrays different characters on stage.
70. The comedian makes people laugh with jokes.
71. The singer enchants audiences with her voice.
72. The model poses for fashion shoots.
73. The beauty queen wins beauty pageants.
74. The politician campaigns for votes.
75. The diplomat negotiates international agreements.
76. The ambassador represents his country abroad.
77. The soldier defends his country's honor.
78. The spy gathers secret information.
79. The detective solves crimes.
80. The lawyer prosecutes criminals.
81. The judge upholds the law in court.
82. The priest conducts religious services.
83. The minister preaches sermons to congregations.
84. The rabbi leads Jewish communities.
85. The guru guides spiritual seekers.
86. The coach trains athletes for competition.
87. The umpire makes calls in sports games.
88. The referee enforces rules in games.
89. The scout searches for talented individuals.
90. The guide leads tourists on sightseeing tours.
91. The instructor teaches students new skills.
92. The librarian maintains book collections.
93. The collector acquires rare items.
94. The gardener tends to plants in the garden.
95. The builder constructs buildings.
96. The repairman fixes broken equipment.
97. The cleaner tidies up messy spaces.
98. The driver operates vehicles on the road.
99. The pilot flies planes in the sky.
100. The sailor navigates ships on the ocean.

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