Виталий Лобанов



Задания по грамматике английского языка: 
Вопросы в Past Simple Passive

Переделайте предложения ниже в отрицания и утверждения.

1. Was the cake baked by you?
2. Was the book written by Mark Twain?
3. Was the car purchased last week?
4. Was the letter written by hand?
5. Was the movie watched by you last night?
6. Was the cake eaten by the children?
7. Were the pictures painted by the artist herself?
8. Were the flowers picked from the garden?
9. Was the house built by a famous architect?
10. Was the pizza delivered to your house?
11. Were the clothes washed by the laundry service?
12. Was the story told to you by your friend?
13. Was the concert attended by many people?
14. Was the game played by both teams fairly?
15. Was the project completed on time?
16. Was the coffee brewed by the machine?
17. Was the message sent to the wrong person?
18. Was the door locked by you?
19. Was the mistake made by him?
20. Was the picture taken by the photographer?
21. Was the event cancelled due to bad weather?
22. Were the tickets sold out?
23. Was the decision made by the manager?
24. Was the party organized by your sister?
25. Was the question answered correctly?
26. Was the phone answered by the receptionist?
27. Was the proposal accepted by the board?
28. Was the email sent to the wrong address?
29. Was the report submitted on time?
30. Was the story written in English?
31. Was the news broadcast on TV?
32. Was the computer repaired by the technician?
33. Was the meeting rescheduled?
34. Was the appointment arranged by the secretary?
35. Was the job done well?
36. Was the mistake corrected by the teacher?
37. Was the task completed by the deadline?
38. Was the reservation made by you?
39. Was the song played by the band?
40. Was the price negotiated by the buyer?
41. Was the letter received by the recipient?
42. Was the course finished by the students?
43. Was the health problem diagnosed by the doctor?
44. Was the problem solved by the engineers?
45. Was the proposal rejected by the committee?
46. Was the document signed by the authorized person?
47. Was the package delivered on time?
48. Was the message understood by everyone?
49. Was the homework done by the students?
50. Was the issue discussed by the committee?
51. Was the package opened by you?
52. Was the book read by you last week?
53. Was the coffee spilled by accident?
54. Were the instructions followed by the students?
55. Was the letter addressed to the wrong person?
56. Was the order placed online?
57. Was the invitation sent to the guests?
58. Was the question asked by the teacher?
59. Was the presentation given by the CEO?
60. Was the schedule changed by the manager?
61. Was the form filled out correctly?
62. Was the decision influenced by others?
63. Was the email received by the recipient?
64. Was the news announced on the radio?
65. Were the dishes washed by the dishwasher?
66. Was the movie filmed in this location?
67. Was the book translated into other languages?
68. Was the song composed by the singer?
69. Were the documents scanned and saved?
70. Was the presentation viewed by the audience?
71. Was the exam taken by the students?
72. Were the packages sorted by the staff?
73. Was the website designed by a professional?
74. Was the food prepared by the chef?
75. Was the event sponsored by a company?
76. Was the problem discussed with the team?
77. Was the message relayed to the correct person?
78. Was the company founded by the CEO?
79. Was the issue resolved by the support team?
80. Was the project assigned to the team?
81. Was the mistake caught by the editor?
82. Was the idea suggested by the employee?
83. Was the job offered to the applicant?
84. Was the package wrapped by the store staff?
85. Was the news reported in the media?
86. Was the homework graded by the teacher?
87. Was the document reviewed by the lawyer?
88. Was the order shipped by the company?
89. Was the system updated by the IT team?
90. Was the task completed by the contractor?
91. Was the change approved by the management?
92. Was the process simplified by the consultant?
93. Was the package received by the customer?
94. Was the message left on voicemail?
95. Was the order cancelled by the customer?
96. Were the photos taken by the photographer?
97. Was the mistake discovered by the team?
98. Was the task delegated to the employee?
99. Was the plan approved by the board?
100. Was the event promoted by the marketing team?

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