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Задания по грамматике английского языка: 
Утверждения в Past Simple Passive

Переведите предложения на русский язык. Переделайте их в отрицания и вопросы.

1. The cake was eaten by the children.
2. The car was repaired by the mechanic.
3. The letter was written by John.
4. The book was published last year.
5. The house was decorated for the party.
6. The movie was directed by Steven Spielberg.
7. The meal was cooked by the chef.
8. The room was cleaned by the maid.
9. The report was submitted on time.
10. The song was sung by Beyonce.
11. The statue was sculpted by Michelangelo.
12. The bridge was built in 1920.
13. The flowers were watered by the gardener.
14. The game was won by the home team.
15. The article was published in the newspaper.
16. The painting was sold for millions of dollars.
17. The window was broken by the ball.
18. The plane was delayed due to weather.
19. The play was performed on Broadway.
20. The sandwich was made by the deli.
21. The coffee was brewed by the barista.
22. The tree was planted by the park ranger.
23. The novel was written by Jane Austen.
24. The clothes were washed by the laundry service.
25. The cake was baked by the baker.
26. The computer was fixed by the technician.
27. The curtains were washed by the cleaners.
28. The piano was played by the musician.
29. The phone was answered by the receptionist.
30. The letter was delivered by the postman.
31. The coffee was spilled by accident.
32. The suit was cleaned by the dry cleaners.
33. The dog was fed by the owner.
34. The car was washed by the car wash service.
35. The movie was watched by the audience.
36. The speech was given by the politician.
37. The painting was admired by the art lovers.
38. The poem was recited by the student.
39. The trophy was won by the team.
40. The bike was repaired by the mechanic.
41. The song was played on the radio.
42. The clock was fixed by the watchmaker.
43. The shoes were polished by the shoe shine service.
44. The fish was caught by the fisherman.
45. The email was sent by the sender.
46. The ice cream was made by the creamery.
47. The sculpture was admired by the visitors.
48. The movie was rated by the critics.
49. The restaurant was visited by the foodies.
50. The novel was adapted into a film.
51. The milk was spilt by the child.
52. The recipe was shared by the chef.
53. The document was signed by the CEO.
54. The building was constructed by the company.
55. The clock was set by the owner.
56. The problem was solved by the IT team.
57. The popcorn was sold by the vendor.
58. The studio was rented by the photographer.
59. The race was won by the fastest runner.
60. The match was played by the athletes.
61. The phone call was answered by the secretary.
62. The adventure was experienced by the travelers.
63. The concert was attended by the music fans.
64. The surgery was performed by the surgeon.
65. The flight was canceled due to technical issues.
66. The website was designed by the web developer.
67. The fire was extinguished by the firefighters.
68. The game was lost by the away team.
69. The car was hit by a tree.
70. The novel was shelved in the library.
71. The dress was designed by the fashion designer.
72. The event was organized by the committee.
73. The ship was sunk by a storm.
74. The stage was set by the crew.
75. The item was returned to the store.
76. The trophy was presented by the host.
77. The protest was held by the activists.
78. The film was screened at the film festival.
79. The photo was taken by the photographer.
80. The event was sponsored by the company.
81. The medal was awarded to the winner.
82. The mistake was made by the employee.
83. The decision was approved by the board.
84. The computer was infected by a virus.
85. The proposal was accepted by the client.
86. The hair was cut by the hairstylist.
87. The dress was altered by the tailor.
88. The report was reviewed by the supervisor.
89. The road was repaired by the workers.
90. The box was delivered by the courier.
91. The game was fixed by the referee.
92. The jewelry was designed by the artist.
93. The solution was found by the mathematician.
94. The wildlife was observed by the scientists.
95. The book was banned by the authorities.
96. The team was coached by the manager.
97. The show was cancelled due to low ticket sales.
98. The painting was stolen from the gallery.
99. The document was leaked to the media.
100. The garage was cleaned out by the homeowner.

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