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Задания по грамматике английского языка: 
Отрицания в Past Perfect

Переведите предложения ниже на русский. Переделайте их в вопросы и утверждения.

1. I hadn't eaten breakfast when I left for work.
2. They hadn't finished their homework when the teacher arrived.
3. He hadn't seen the movie before, so he didn't know what to expect.
4. We hadn't planned our route in advance, so we got lost.
5. She hadn't spoken to her ex-boyfriend in years.
6. They hadn't visited that part of the city before, so they were excited to explore.
7. I hadn't realized how much time had passed until I looked at the clock.
8. He hadn't studied for the test, so he didn't do well.
9. We hadn't expected the weather to be so rainy on our vacation.
10. She hadn't heard the news yet, so I told her what had happened.
11. They hadn't decided on a restaurant for dinner, so we had to choose for them.
12. I hadn't seen my best friend in ages, so it was great to catch up.
13. He hadn't been to the gym in weeks, so he was out of shape.
14. We hadn't cleaned the house in a while, so it was pretty messy.
15. She hadn't slept well the night before, so she was exhausted.
16. They hadn't saved enough money for the vacation, so they had to cancel.
17. I hadn't received the package yet, so I contacted the sender.
18. He hadn't read the book before, so he had no idea what it was about.
19. We hadn't heard from our relatives in a long time, so we reached out to them.
20. She hadn't been to that restaurant before, so she wasn't sure what to order.
21. They hadn't bought tickets in advance, so they had to wait in line.
22. I hadn't practiced the piano in months, so I was rusty.
23. He hadn't checked his email in days, so he had a ton of messages waiting.
24. We hadn't realized how much traffic there would be, so we were late.
25. She hadn't seen the play before, so she was excited to see it.
26. They hadn't prepared for the presentation thoroughly, so it didn't go well.
27. I hadn't been to that part of town in years, so I was surprised by the changes.
28. He hadn't spoken Spanish in ages, so he had forgotten a lot.
29. We hadn't considered the price of gas in our trip planning, so we overbudgeted.
30. She hadn't received the memo about the meeting, so she missed it.
31. They hadn't changed the batteries in the smoke detector, so it wasn't working.
32. I hadn't seen the new exhibit at the museum yet, so I made plans to go.
33. He hadn't cooked dinner in a while, so he was nervous about how it would turn out.
34. We hadn't anticipated how difficult the hiking trail would be, so we were unprepared.
35. She hadn't been to a concert in years, so she was excited to see her favorite band.
36. They hadn't met each other before, so it was awkward at first.
37. I hadn't had time to read the newspaper that morning, so I wasn't up-to-date on the news.
38. He hadn't experienced anything like it before, so he was amazed.
39. We hadn't packed any snacks for the road trip, so we had to stop at a convenience store.
40. She hadn't downloaded the newest version of the software, so she was having issues.
41. They hadn't cleaned the fish tank in a while, so it was murky.
42. I hadn't made any plans for the weekend, so I was looking for ideas.
43. He hadn't considered how much time his commute would take, so he was often late.
44. We hadn't realized how difficult the restaurant reservations would be, so we couldn't get a table.
45. She hadn't anticipated the long lines at the amusement park, so she was frustrated.
46. They hadn't read the fine print in the contract, so they were surprised by the fees.
47. I hadn't attended that type of event before, so I wasn't sure what to expect.
48. He hadn't ridden the bike in a while, so it needed some repairs.
49. We hadn't realized the camera battery was running low, so we missed out on some great photos.
50. She hadn't packed enough warm clothes for the ski trip, so she was cold.
51. They hadn't been to that city before, so they had to rely on maps to navigate.
52. I hadn't considered the traffic when planning my route, so I was stuck in a jam.
53. He hadn't checked the weather forecast, so he was caught in the rain.
54. We hadn't prepared for the power outage, so we were without electricity for hours.
55. She hadn't reviewed the lessons before the test, so she didn't pass.
56. They hadn't reserved a hotel room in advance, so they were scrambling to find one.
57. I hadn't packed any sunscreen, so I got sunburned.
58. He hadn't realized how much the concert tickets would cost, so he had to sell his car to afford them.
59. We hadn't anticipated how loud the neighbors would be, so we had trouble sleeping.
60. She hadn't brought snacks for the movie, so she had to purchase overpriced food.
61. They hadn't considered the weight limit on their luggage, so they had to pay extra fees.
62. I hadn't made reservations at the restaurant, so we had to wait for a table.
63. He hadn't practiced speaking, so he was nervous during his presentation.
64. We hadn't looked at the weather report, so we were caught in a hail storm.
65. She hadn't expected to meet someone special that night, so it was a pleasant surprise.
66. They hadn't researched the company before the interview, so they weren't prepared to answer questions.
67. I hadn't called to confirm the appointment, so it was canceled.
68. He hadn't been to the dentist in years, so he needed multiple fillings.
69. We hadn't anticipated how long the hike would be, so we ran out of water.
70. She hadn't checked the expiration date on the milk, so she got sick.
71. They hadn't anticipated the traffic on the way to the airport, so they almost missed their flight.
72. I hadn't brought a pen to take notes, so I had to remember everything.
73. He hadn't considered how long it would take to get ready, so he was late to the party.
74. We hadn't anticipated the crowds at the theme park, so we couldn't go on all the rides.
75. She hadn't reviewed the restaurant reviews, so she ended up eating at a place with bad food.
76. They hadn't considered the length of the movie, so they made plans that overlapped with the end time.
77. I hadn't cleared the snow off my car, so it took longer to get to work.
78. He hadn't expected the traffic on the way home, so he arrived late to the family dinner.
79. We hadn't anticipated the long lines at the border, so our road trip took longer than expected.
80. She hadn't packed snacks for the plane, so she was hungry during the flight.
81. They hadn't prepared enough gas for the camping trip, so they ran out in the middle of nowhere.
82. I hadn't confirmed the reservation with the hotel, so our room was given away.
83. He hadn't considered the distance to the store, so he didn't bring enough money for his purchase.
84. We hadn't anticipated the rush hour traffic, so we missed the start of the concert.
85. She hadn't checked the size of the leggings, so they didn't fit when she tried them on later.
86. They hadn't considered the weight of the luggage, so they had to pay oversized baggage fees.
87. I hadn't confirmed the time of the meeting, so I showed up at the wrong time.
88. He hadn't calculated the time difference correctly, so he missed his international flight.
89. We hadn't anticipated the rain during the outdoor event, so we were soaked.
90. She hadn't considered the traffic on the way to the interview, so she arrived late.
91. They hadn't packed enough blankets for the camping trip, so they were cold during the night.
92. I hadn't read the instructions carefully, so I assembled the product incorrectly.
93. He hadn't anticipated the construction on the highway, so he was stuck in a traffic jam.
94. We hadn't considered the dietary restrictions of our guests, so we didn't have enough food options for them.
95. She hadn't checked the operating hours of the store, so it was already closed when she arrived.
96. They hadn't anticipated the inclement weather, so their outdoor wedding ceremony had to be moved indoors.
97. I hadn't considered the time it would take to find parking, so I was late to the job interview.
98. He hadn't researched the company before the presentation, so he presented irrelevant information to the board.
99. We hadn't anticipated the high price of the tickets, so we decided not to attend the event.
100. She hadn't packed enough warm clothes for the skiing trip, so she got frostbite.

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