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Задания по грамматике английского языка: 
Утверждения в Past Perfect

Переведите предложения на русский. Переделайте их в отрицания и вопросы.

1. I had finished my homework before the game started.
2. The movie had already started when we arrived.
3. By the time I woke up, my parents had already left for work.
4. She had read the book twice before the discussion.
5. The restaurant had closed by the time we got there.
6. I had already bought the tickets before the show was sold out.
7. He had completed the project before the deadline.
8. The flowers had withered by the time we returned from our vacation.
9. She had already graduated from college when I started my freshman year.
10. We had worked for two hours before taking a break.
11. The store had run out of the item before I could buy it.
12. I had washed the dishes before going to bed.
13. The guests had already arrived by the time we finished cooking.
14. He had driven me to the airport before leaving for the day.
15. They had walked the entire park before calling it a day.
16. The team had already scored three points when I joined the game.
17. I had studied for the test the entire week before taking it.
18. She had practiced her speech several times before presenting it.
19. The concert had started by the time we parked our car.
20. By the time we arrived, the store had already closed for the night.
21. The cook had already prepared the meal by the time the guests arrived.
22. He had finished reading the book before the movie adaptation was released.
23. The train had departed before we could board it.
24. I had seen that movie before my friends recommended it.
25. The museum had closed by the time we finished exploring it.
26. She had already written the report before the deadline.
27. We had hiked for hours before reaching the summit.
28. The flowers had blossomed by the time spring arrived.
29. He had solved the puzzle before his friends could figure it out.
30. The sun had set by the time we reached the beach.
31. I had finished my coffee before the meeting started.
32. The bakery had sold out of the cake by the time we got there.
33. We had been married for ten years before our first child was born.
34. She had already booked the hotel before I could suggest one.
35. The snow had melted by the time we could go skiing.
36. He had booked the tickets before the prices increased.
37. They had completed the course before the certification exam.
38. The store had already restocked by the time we went shopping again.
39. The party had started before we could arrive.
40. I had finished my workout before meeting my friends.
41. The book had been published before the author's death.
42. The museum had opened its doors before we could visit it.
43. He had already graduated from high school by the time I started ninth grade.
44. We had planned the trip for months before finally taking it.
45. The coffee had gone cold by the time I remembered to drink it.
46. She had cooked dinner before the guests could arrive.
47. They had played tennis for hours before calling it a day.
48. The concert had ended by the time we reached the venue.
49. We had packed our bags before leaving for the airport.
50. The food had been eaten by the time I reached the party.
51. She had already read the article before the class discussion.
52. The rain had stopped by the time we stepped out of the house.
53. He had fixed the car before the mechanic arrived.
54. The play had started before we could get to our seats.
55. I had finished my work before the deadline.
56. The meeting had ended by the time we arrived.
57. We had completed the project before presenting it.
58. The party had been planned for weeks before it happened.
59. He had finished his meal before the waiter could bring the bill.
60. They had already left the movie theater by the time we arrived.
61. The sun had risen before we could go to bed.
62. I had already bought the gift before his birthday.
63. The campfire had been lit before we could join the group.
64. She had already left for the meeting before I could talk to her.
65. They had attended the conference before the pandemic.
66. We had walked through the park before stopping for lunch.
67. The package had arrived before I could track it.
68. The concert had been sold out for weeks before we could buy tickets.
69. He had already installed the software before I could help him.
70. The store had marked down the prices before we could purchase the items.
71. She had already finished writing the script before we started filming.
72. They had visited the museum before it closed for renovation.
73. We had been friends for years before we lost touch.
74. The ship had sailed before we could board it.
75. He had already started the fire before we could gather around it.
76. The rain had started before we could finish our hike.
77. I had already packed my bags before the trip was canceled.
78. The party had reached its peak before we could arrive.
79. They had played video games for hours before taking a break.
80. We had ordered our meals before the restaurant closed for the day.
81. The sun had set before we could finish our cocktail.
82. I had already submitted the report before the deadline.
83. The tree had bloomed before we could plant flowers around it.
84. The bridge had already been built before we took the road trip.
85. The storm had passed by the time we reached home.
86. I had already finished my book before the movie adaptation was announced.
87. The concert had been postponed before we could attend it.
88. They had already moved out before we could visit them.
89. We had trained for months before the competition.
90. The meeting had been scheduled before we could book our flights.
91. I had already taken the vaccine before the new variant emerged.
92. The museum had exhibited the artwork before it was sold.
93. They had already visited the site before the excavation began.
94. We had explored the city before the tourist season started.
95. The store had stocked up before the holiday rush.
96. I had already finished my studies before the graduation ceremony.
97. The project had been approved before we started working on it.
98. They had already attended the seminar before it was canceled due to protests.
99. We had celebrated our anniversary before the pandemic hit.
100. The phone had already rung before I could answer it.

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