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Задания по грамматике английского языка: 
Утверждения в Past Continuous

Переведите предложения на русский язык. Переделайте их в отрицания и вопросы.

1. I was walking to the store when I saw him.
2. She was cooking dinner when the phone rang.
3. They were watching TV when the power went out.
4. He was reading a book when he heard a loud noise outside.
5. The children were playing in the yard when it started to rain.
6. We were driving to the beach when we got stuck in traffic.
7. She was listening to music when her friend called.
8. They were studying for their exams when the teacher walked in.
9. He was working on his project when he realized he forgot his notes at home.
10. The birds were singing outside while we were having a picnic.
11. She was running late for her meeting while trying to catch a cab.
12. They were cleaning the house before their guests arrived.
13. He was typing on his computer when it suddenly shut down.
14. She was practicing her piano when she heard the doorbell ring.
15. They were hiking in the mountains when they spotted a bear.
16. He was playing basketball when he slipped on a wet spot on the floor.
17. The children were laughing and playing together while their parents watched.
18. We were sitting by the fireplace when the storm started to rage outside.
19. She was enjoying her bubble bath when her phone went off.
20. They were enjoying a nice meal together when the waiter spilled a glass of water on them.
21. He was driving in the rain when his car skidded off the road.
22. She was listening to a podcast when she fell asleep on the couch.
23. They were having a heated argument when their neighbor knocked on the door.
24. He was practicing his guitar when his cat jumped on his lap.
25. The children were building a sandcastle at the beach while their parents were relaxing.
26. We were waiting in line for tickets when they sold out.
27. She was trying on clothes at the mall when the store closed for the night.
28. They were taking a nap when the alarm clock went off.
29. He was playing video games with his friends when his mom called him for dinner.
30. She was working on her laptop when she spilled coffee on the keyboard.
31. They were watching a movie when the DVD player stopped working.
32. He was at the gym when he injured his ankle.
33. She was taking a yoga class when the fire alarm went off.
34. They were celebrating their wedding anniversary when the restaurant caught on fire.
35. He was walking his dog when it started to snow.
36. She was writing a letter when her pen ran out of ink.
37. They were waiting for the bus when it arrived late.
38. He was jogging in the park when he saw a lost child.
39. She was having a coffee break when her boss called her for a meeting.
40. They were trying to fix the car when it broke down completely.
41. He was talking on the phone when he tripped over the carpet.
42. She was taking a shower when the water turned cold.
43. They were attending a party when the music stopped abruptly.
44. He was cooking a meal for his family when he burnt the food.
45. She was doing her makeup when she realized she was running late.
46. They were having a picnic when a swarm of bees attacked them.
47. He was playing chess with his friend when he realized he made a huge mistake.
48. She was packing for the trip when she realized she forgot her passport.
49. They were walking through the park when they came across a lost dog.
50. He was cleaning the house when he found a valuable item he thought he lost.
51. She was reading a book when the fire alarm went off.
52. They were having a family barbecue when it started to rain.
53. He was listening to music when he accidentally pressed the wrong button.
54. She was going for a run when she heard a strange noise behind her.
55. They were having a cooking competition when one of the contestants burnt the food.
56. He was playing with his dog when the neighbors complained about the noise.
57. She was doing her homework when her little brother spilled juice on it.
58. They were having a game night when the power went out.
59. He was fishing at the lake when he caught a huge fish.
60. She was getting ready for a party when her friends cancelled.
61. They were having a barbecue when they ran out of propane.
62. He was studying for his final exams when he realized he missed a class.
63. She was practicing her dance moves when she twisted her ankle.
64. They were baking cookies when they ran out of flour.
65. He was playing soccer when he scored a goal.
66. She was painting when she accidentally dropped her brush.
67. They were having a picnic when a group of ants attacked their food.
68. He was playing pool with his friends when he broke a stick.
69. She was throwing a surprise party when the guest of honor arrived early.
70. They were taking a walk in the park when they spotted a rainbow.
71. He was taking photos when he ran out of battery.
72. She was planting flowers when she noticed a butterfly landing on her shoulder.
73. They were bowling when the machine stopped working.
74. He was playing with his kids when it started to rain.
75. She was shopping for groceries when she ran into an old friend.
76. They were painting their house when they ran out of paint.
77. He was taking a bath when his cat jumped in the tub.
78. She was playing tennis when the ball hit her in the face.
79. They were having a garage sale when it started to thunder.
80. He was playing golf when he hit a birdie.
81. She was babysitting when the baby started crying.
82. They were working on a jigsaw puzzle when they found a missing piece.
83. He was jogging in the morning when he saw a beautiful sunrise.
84. She was experimenting with new recipes when she made a delicious dish.
85. They were cleaning their backyard when they found a lost toy.
86. He was listening to the radio when a new song came on.
87. She was studying for her driver's test when she realized the test was tomorrow.
88. They were having a game of tag when one of the players fell and hurt themselves.
89. He was dancing when he tripped and fell.
90. She was fishing when she caught a shoe instead of a fish.
91. They were camping when they saw a shooting star.
92. He was playing basketball when he sprained his ankle.
93. She was painting her nails when she smudged them.
94. They were visiting a new city when they got lost.
95. He was playing computer games when the computer crashed.
96. She was baking a cake when she burnt it.
97. They were having a BBQ when a storm hit.
98. He was writing a report when the power went out.
99. She was watching a movie when the DVD player broke down.
100. They were cleaning the house when they found a valuable item they thought they lost.

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