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Задания по грамматике английского языка: 
Вопросы в Future Simple Passive

Переделайте предложения ниже в отрицания и утверждения.

1. Will the letter be delivered tomorrow?
2. Will the meeting be held in this room?
3. Will the project be completed by next month?
4. Will the cake be baked by the time we arrive?
5. Will the concert be attended by many people?
6. Will the paper be graded by the end of the day?
7. Will the package be shipped today?
8. Will the report be finished by the deadline?
9. Will the class be taught by a new teacher?
10. Will the show be aired on television tonight?
11. Will the house be cleaned by the maid tomorrow?
12. Will the exam be taken at the same time as last year?
13. Will the movie be watched by everyone?
14. Will the car be driven by the owner?
15. Will the book be published by a major company?
16. Will the event be celebrated by the community?
17. Will the room be painted by a professional painter?
18. Will the budget be approved by the board?
19. Will the clothes be folded by the laundry service?
20. Will the guests be welcomed by the host?
21. Will the resolution be passed by the committee?
22. Will the new software be installed by IT?
23. Will the problem be solved by the team?
24. Will the application be submitted by the deadline?
25. Will the decision be made by the manager?
26. Will the email be sent to all employees?
27. Will the shipment be received by the customer?
28. Will the guarantee be provided with the product?
29. Will the proposal be accepted by the client?
30. Will the schedule be announced soon?
31. Will the task be assigned to a team member?
32. Will the offer be accepted by the buyer?
33. Will the product be manufactured in a different country?
34. Will the problem be resolved permanently?
35. Will the project be divided into smaller tasks?
36. Will the task be completed before the deadline?
37. Will the order be shipped to the correct address?
38. Will the invitation be sent to all guests?
39. Will the questions be answered in the next meeting?
40. Will the salary be increased for employees?
41. Will the loan be approved by the bank?
42. Will the policy be reviewed by the management?
43. Will the package be opened carefully?
44. Will the document be signed by both parties?
45. Will the presentation be given by the CEO?
46. Will the system be upgraded by the IT department?
47. Will the announcement be made on time?
48. Will the event be sponsored by a company?
49. Will the website be designed by a professional?
50. Will the problem be discussed in the next meeting?
51. Will the task be delegated to someone else?
52. Will the report be reviewed by the supervisor?
53. Will the request be processed by the department?
54. Will the payment be made in time?
55. Will the mistake be corrected by the team?
56. Will the task be prioritized by the manager?
57. Will the project be funded by the government?
58. Will the email be forwarded to the correct department?
59. Will the presentation be rehearsed before the meeting?
60. Will the success be celebrated by the team?
61. Will the repair be done by a professional?
62. Will the meeting be rescheduled for next week?
63. Will the employee be promoted by the company?
64. Will the candidate be interviewed by the manager?
65. Will the solution be implemented by the team?
66. Will the complaint be addressed by the company?
67. Will the deadline be extended for the project?
68. Will the event be cancelled due to bad weather?
69. Will the survey be conducted by the marketing team?
70. Will the task be completed on time by the team?
71. Will the request be approved by the supervisor?
72. Will the warranty be extended for the product?
73. Will the question be answered by the expert?
74. Will the decision be made by the board of directors?
75. Will the mistake be repeated by the team?
76. Will the customer be satisfied with the service?
77. Will the file be saved on the server?
78. Will the article be published in a magazine?
79. Will the order be confirmed by the customer?
80. Will the conference be held in a different location?
81. Will the change be implemented by the company?
82. Will the program be broadcasted on television?
83. Will the issue be discussed in the next meeting?
84. Will the advice be followed by the team?
85. Will the employee be terminated by the company?
86. Will the contract be signed by the client?
87. Will the mistake be rectified by the team?
88. Will the training be provided to the new employees?
89. Will the feedback be collected from the customers?
90. Will the research be conducted by the team?
91. Will the system be tested by the IT department?
92. Will the error be corrected by the software?
93. Will the interview be rescheduled for next week?
94. Will the task be updated by the team?
95. Will the policy be changed by the management?
96. Will the complaint be resolved by the company?
97. Will the proposal be rejected by the client?
98. Will the request be denied by the supervisor?
99. Will the plan be executed by the team?
100. Will the strategy be developed by the management?

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