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Задания по грамматике английского языка: 
Утверждения в Future Simple

Переведите предложения на русский язык. Переделайте их в отрицания и вопросы.

1. I will go for a walk later today.
2. She will arrive at the airport on time.
3. He will finish his work by tomorrow.
4. They will attend the concert next week.
5. We will buy some groceries at the store.
6. The weather will be nice tomorrow.
7. She will study for her exam all night.
8. He will cook dinner for us tonight.
9. They will visit their grandparents next month.
10. I will take the dog for a walk this evening.
11. She will get a promotion at work.
12. He will learn how to play the guitar.
13. They will go camping in the mountains.
14. We will clean the house on the weekend.
15. The company will expand its business overseas.
16. She will start her own business one day.
17. He will propose to his girlfriend.
18. They will adopt a dog from the shelter.
19. I will learn how to speak Spanish.
20. She will volunteer at the local hospital.
21. He will donate money to charity.
22. They will travel to Europe for vacation.
23. We will plant a garden in the backyard.
24. The sun will set in the west.
25. She will join a gym to get in shape.
26. He will read a book every night before bed.
27. They will take their kids to Disney World.
28. I will write a novel someday.
29. She will take a cooking class to improve her skills.
30. He will buy a new car soon.
31. They will watch the sunset at the beach.
32. We will celebrate our anniversary with a fancy dinner.
33. The stock market will go up in the future.
34. She will finish her degree in a few years.
35. He will quit smoking for good.
36. They will invest in real estate.
37. I will start my own podcast.
38. She will run a marathon one day.
39. He will learn how to ski this winter.
40. They will throw a surprise party for their friend.
41. We will go to the movies on Saturday night.
42. The world will be a better place in the future.
43. She will complete her bucket list before she dies.
44. He will start a blog to share his stories.
45. They will learn how to scuba dive in the ocean.
46. I will write a letter to my grandparents.
47. She will celebrate her 50th wedding anniversary.
48. He will make a difference in the world.
49. They will buy a house in the countryside.
50. We will have a picnic in the park.
51. The future will bring many opportunities.
52. She will make a new friend at the gym.
53. He will take a photography course.
54. They will go on a road trip across the country.
55. I will learn how to code.
56. She will publish a book someday.
57. He will start a family with his wife.
58. They will climb a mountain together.
59. We will go on a cruise in the Caribbean.
60. The technology will advance rapidly in the future.
61. She will earn a scholarship to study abroad.
62. He will stop procrastinating and start taking action.
63. They will start a non-profit organization.
64. I will learn how to play tennis.
65. She will start a new career path.
66. He will propose a new project at work.
67. They will learn how to play chess.
68. We will adopt a cat from the animal shelter.
69. The world will become more sustainable.
70. She will overcome her fears and try skydiving.
71. He will buy a boat and go fishing on the weekends.
72. They will surprise their parents with a trip to Hawaii.
73. I will learn how to paint.
74. She will become a fitness instructor.
75. He will attend a music festival.
76. They will renovate their house.
77. We will donate money to a charity organization.
78. The environment will improve in the future.
79. She will start a blog to share her travel experiences.
80. He will volunteer at a homeless shelter.
81. They will take a hot air balloon ride.
82. We will go skiing in the mountains.
83. The robots will take over the world in the future.
84. She will learn how to play the piano.
85. He will buy his dream car one day.
86. They will have a destination wedding in Europe.
87. I will start practicing yoga regularly.
88. She will become a successful entrepreneur.
89. He will take his family on a luxury vacation.
90. They will organize a charity event.
91. We will learn a new language together.
92. The future will bring new challenges and opportunities.
93. She will start a meditation practice.
94. He will learn how to fly a plane.
95. They will donate their time to help a local community project.
96. I will learn how to make sushi.
97. She will create her own clothing brand.
98. He will start a garden in his backyard.
99. They will take a trip around the world.
100. We will have a bonfire at the beach.

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