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Диалоги про разговор по телефону

Person 1: Hello?

Person 2: Hi, it's me. How are you?

Person 1: Great, thanks for asking. How about you?

Person 2: I'm doing okay. I was just wondering if you had any plans for this weekend?

Person 1: Not really, why do you ask?

Person 2: Well, I was thinking we could go see that new movie that just came out.

Person 1: That sounds like a great idea! What time were you thinking?

Person 2: How about we meet at the theater at 7 pm?

Person 1: Sounds perfect! I'll see you then.

Person 2: Great, can't wait! See you later.

A: Hello?

B: Hey, it's me. How are you doing?

A: Oh, hey! I'm good, thanks for asking. How about you?

B: I'm doing alright. Listen, I wanted to ask you about something.

A: Sure, what's up?

B: Well, I'm thinking about planning a trip to Europe this summer and I was wondering if you had any recommendations or advice.

A: Oh, definitely! I've been to a few places in Europe myself. Where are you thinking of going?

B: I'm not too sure yet. I was thinking maybe France or Italy, but I'm open to suggestions.

A: Well, they're both great options. Italy has amazing food and architecture, while France has a lot of history and culture. Have you considered Spain or Greece?

B: No, I haven't. What's good about those places?

A: Spain has great beaches and a lively nightlife, while Greece has beautiful islands and ancient ruins to explore.

B: Wow, those all sound amazing. Thanks so much for the suggestions!

A: No problem! Let me know if you have any other questions.

B: Will do. Thanks again!

A: You're welcome. Talk to you soon!

A: Hello?

B: Hey, is this Sarah?

A: Yes, it is. Who's calling?

B: This is John. How's it going?

A: It's going well, thanks. How about you?

B: Not too bad. Listen, I was wondering if you're free tonight?

A: Actually, I already have plans tonight. Sorry.

B: No worries. How about tomorrow night?

A: Yeah, I'm free tomorrow night. What's up?

B: I was thinking we could grab dinner or maybe catch a movie.

A: That sounds great. What time were you thinking?

B: How about 7 pm? I can pick you up.

A: Sounds good. Where should we meet?

B: Let's meet at the restaurant. I'll text you the address.

A: Okay, sounds good. I'll see you tomorrow night.

B: Can't wait. See you then.

Person 1: Hello?

Person 2: Hi, is this Sarah?

Person 1: Yes, it is. Who is this?

Person 2: Hi Sarah, this is John. How are you doing?

Person 1: Oh, hey John! I’m doing well, thanks for asking. How about you?

Person 2: I’m good too, thanks. Listen, I was just calling to see if you wanted to grab lunch sometime this week.

Person 1: That sounds great! When were you thinking?

Person 2: How about Wednesday around noon?

Person 1: Wednesday works for me. Where do you want to go?

Person 2: There’s a new Italian place that just opened up that I’ve been wanting to try. How does that sound?

Person 1: Perfect. Italian is my favorite! What’s the name of the place?

Person 2: It’s called La Trattoria. I’ll message you the address and we’ll meet there at noon on Wednesday.

Person 1: Sounds like a plan! Looking forward to it.

Person 2: Same here. See you then!

Jane: Hello?

Tom: Hi Jane. It's Tom.

Jane: Oh hi, Tom. How are you?

Tom: I'm good, thank you. How about you?

Jane: I'm doing well, thank you.

Tom: I was just calling to see if you wanted to go out to dinner tonight.

Jane: That sounds like a great idea. Where were you thinking of going?

Tom: How about that new pizza place on Park St.?

Jane: Sure, that sounds good. What time should we meet?

Tom: How about 7 pm?

Jane: 7 pm works for me. Do you want me to meet you there or should I pick you up?

Tom: I'll meet you there. I'm driving straight from work.

Jane: Okay, sounds good. See you at 7 then.

Tom: See you then. Bye.

Jane: Bye.

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