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Диалоги про авиационный английский

Pilot 1: Good morning, this is Captain Allen. Is everything set for departure?

Pilot 2: Good morning, Captain. Yes, all pre-flight checks are complete and the passengers have boarded.

Pilot 1: Great. Let's confirm our flight plan - we're heading to London, right?

Pilot 2: Correct. We'll be taking off from runway 18 and flying at an altitude of 35,000 feet.

Pilot 1: Roger that. And what's our estimated time of arrival?

Pilot 2: If all goes according to plan, we should touch down in London in just under six hours.

Pilot 1: Excellent. Well, everything seems to be in order. Let's get this bird in the air.

Captain: Good afternoon, this is your Captain speaking. We are now cruising at an altitude of 30,000 feet and our estimated time of arrival in New York is 2 hours and 30 minutes. The weather looks good, with just a few scattered clouds.

Co-Pilot: Captain, everything looks good on my side. The engines are operating within normal parameters and we have plenty of fuel for the remainder of the flight.

Captain: Great to hear. Let's just sit back and enjoy the flight. Passengers, we hope you're enjoying the experience onboard and thank you for choosing our airline.

Pilot 1: "We have reached our cruising altitude, ladies and gentlemen. Please feel free to move around the cabin."

Pilot 2: "Looks like a smooth flight so far. Have you checked the weather forecast for our destination?"

Pilot 1: "Yes, it should be clear skies with no turbulence reported along our route."

Pilot 2: "Great news. Let's keep an eye on our fuel levels and make sure we are on track for our estimated arrival time."

Pilot 1: "Copy that. I'll also make sure to contact air traffic control to confirm our approach and landing procedures."

Captain: Good evening, this is the captain speaking. We have reached our cruising altitude of 35,000 feet and are on track to reach our destination on time.

First Officer: That's good to hear, captain. The weather forecast for our destination is clear skies and no turbulence.

Captain: Great news. I hope our passengers are enjoying their flight so far.

First Officer: I'm sure they are. Our cabin crew has been doing a great job keeping everyone comfortable and entertained.

Captain: That's good to know. Let's continue to monitor our systems and keep a close eye on any changes in the weather.

First Officer: Will do, captain. Safety is our top priority.

Captain: Agreed. Thank you, first officer. Let's prepare for our descent and arrival procedures.

First Officer: Roger that, captain. Preparing for descent and arrival procedures.

Pilot 1: "Captain, we have some turbulence up ahead."

Captain: "Thanks for the heads up. Let's start reducing our altitude and speed to avoid it."

Pilot 2: "Captain, we have received a message from ATC. We need to change our route due to congestion in the airspace."

Captain: "Alright, let's update our flight plan and inform the passengers about the delay."

Pilot 1: "Captain, we are ready for landing. The weather conditions at the airport are within the limits."

Captain: "Great. Let's keep our approach slow and steady."

Pilot 2: "Captain, we have safely landed. Welcome to your destination, ladies and gentlemen."

Captain: Good morning, this is your captain speaking. We are currently cruising at 35,000 feet and making good time to our destination.

Co-pilot: That's great to hear, Captain. Weather reports indicate clear skies and smooth sailing for the remainder of our flight.

Captain: Yes, it looks like we'll have a comfortable ride today. Are all systems running smoothly?

Co-pilot: Yes, sir. Everything is functioning as it should be. Fuel levels are good and we're maintaining optimal speed and altitude.

Captain: Excellent work. Keep a close eye on the instruments and let me know if anything changes.

Co-pilot: Roger that, Captain. I'll keep an eye out and report any changes immediately.

First Pilot: Good evening, ladies and gentlemen, this is your captain speaking. We are currently cruising at an altitude of 35,000 feet and our estimated time of arrival in New York is 9:00 pm local time.

Second Pilot: We are expecting some turbulence ahead, so we ask that you remain seated and keep your seatbelts fastened until we have passed through it. Our flight attendants will be serving drinks and snacks shortly.

First Pilot: Also, please note that we will be flying over some breathtaking views, especially as we approach New York City. So make sure to take out your cameras and capture the moment.

Second Pilot: Thank you for flying with us today. We hope you have a pleasant flight and enjoy your stay in New York. Please do not hesitate to let us know if you need anything.

First pilot: "Captain, we are approaching our destination airport, requesting descent clearance."

Captain: "Acknowledged. We are currently 150 nautical miles out from our destination. Please confirm that the cabin is ready for landing."

First pilot: "Yes, captain. All passengers and crew have been informed and are prepared for landing."

Captain: "Thank you. Please begin descent and set the landing course for runway 27L."

First pilot: "Copy that. Beginning descent and setting course for runway 27L."

Captain: "Also, please contact the tower and request clearance to land."

First pilot: "Roger that, contacting tower for clearance to land."

Tower: "This is tower, permission granted for landing on runway 27L. Wind is 10 knots from the east. Good luck."

First pilot: "Thank you, tower. We have clearance to land on runway 27L. Landing gear down and locked. Flaps set to full."

Captain: "Slow down to final approach speed and prepare for touchdown."

First pilot: "Roger that, slowing down and preparing to touch down."

*The plane lands safely on the runway and taxis to the gate.*

Captain: "Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to our destination. We hope you had a pleasant flight and thank you for choosing our airline."

Pilot 1: "Good evening, this is your captain speaking. We are currently cruising at an altitude of 35,000 feet with a ground speed of 500 miles per hour."

Pilot 2: "Thank you, Captain. The weather ahead looks quite smooth, so we should have a comfortable flight tonight."

Pilot 1: "That's good to hear. I've also received confirmation from air traffic control that our arrival time in London will be about 30 minutes earlier than expected."

Pilot 2: "Excellent news. Procedures for landing at Heathrow have already been reviewed and we are ready to go."

Pilot 1: "Perfect, let's just sit back, relax, and enjoy the rest of the flight."

Pilot 2: "Agreed. And to our passengers, thank you for choosing to fly with us tonight. We hope you have a safe and pleasant journey."

Pilot 1: "Tower, this is flight 123, requesting permission to take off."

Tower: "Flight 123, you are cleared for takeoff."

Pilot 2: "All right, let's run through our pre-flight checklist. Fuel levels?"

Pilot 1: "Full tank."

Pilot 2: "Navigation?"

Pilot 1: "Set and ready."

Pilot 2: "Engines?"

Pilot 1: "Running smoothly."

Pilot 2: "Great, we're all set. Let's take off!"

Первый пилот: "Готовы к взлету?"

Второй пилот: "Да, все системы в порядке. Погода также благоприятная."

Первый пилот: "Отлично, отправляемся на Восток. Выровняйте курс на 38 тысяч футов."

Второй пилот: "Курс выровнен на 38 тысяч футов. Установим скорость крейсера на 480 узлов."

Первый пилот: "Подтверждаю. Продолжим полет по маршруту. Наблюдайте за системами и экипажем."

Второй пилот: "Понятно. Полет продолжается по расписанию, сэр."

Captain: Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen. This is your captain speaking. We have reached our cruising altitude of 36,000 feet and we anticipate a smooth flight to our destination.

First Officer: Captain, we have some turbulence ahead. Should we adjust our altitude?

Captain: Yes, let's climb to 38,000 feet to avoid it. Keep the seatbelt sign on for now.

First Officer: Copy that, Captain. And just to confirm, we'll be landing in two hours and fifteen minutes, correct?

Captain: That's correct. The weather at our destination is clear with some scattered clouds. We should have a great landing.

First Officer: Sounds good, Captain. I'll let the flight attendants know we're expecting some turbulence and to prepare for landing.

Captain: Thank you, First Officer. And as always, thank you all for flying with us today.

Pilot 1: "Good morning, this is Captain Smith speaking. We are about to begin our descent into New York's JFK airport. Please fasten your seatbelts and make sure your tray tables are in the upright position."

Pilot 2: "Copy that, Captain. The weather looks clear today, so it shouldn't be a bumpy landing."

Pilot 1: "That's good to hear. We'll be landing on runway 4R, so we'll be making a right turn after we touch down. The ground speed is 160 knots."

Pilot 2: "Roger that. I'll make sure to maintain our altitude until instructed otherwise by air traffic control. How's our fuel supply looking?"

Pilot 1: "We have plenty of fuel to make it to our destination with room to spare. Our estimated time of arrival is about 10 minutes ahead of schedule."

Pilot 2: "Sounds like a smooth flight all around. I'll communicate with the flight attendants to prepare for the landing."

Pilot 1: "Great. Let's make sure we stick to the procedures and land safely. Thank you, everyone, for flying with us today."

The pilots of the airplane were discussing the navigational route. Captain: "Our current heading is 050 degrees, and the destination is southeast. We need to make a slight right turn to align with the route." Co-pilot: "Copy that, Captain. I see the navigation instruments showing a few obstacles on our current route. Shall we choose an alternate one?" Captain: "Yes, let's take a detour. Run a check on all the parameters and notify the Air Traffic Control for the change in route." The co-pilot acknowledged the instructions and made the necessary adjustments.

Pilot 1: "Good afternoon, this is your captain speaking. We have reached our cruising altitude of 35,000 feet and are currently flying at a speed of 500 miles per hour."

Pilot 2: "Roger that, captain. Weather conditions appear to be clear for the rest of the flight."

Pilot 1: "Excellent news. Our estimated time of arrival is still on schedule for 4 PM local time."

Pilot 2: "Copy that. No issues to report with the aircraft systems."

Pilot 1: "Great to hear. We will continue to monitor the flight closely and update passengers as needed. Thank you for your attention and enjoy the flight."

Pilot 1: "How's the weather looking at our destination?"
Pilot 2: "Windy with some turbulence, but shouldn't affect our landing."
Pilot 1: "Alright, thanks. Did you submit the flight plan?"
Pilot 2: "Yep. All set. I see we have a bit of a tailwind, so we might arrive a few minutes early."
Pilot 1: "Great. Let's do a final check before we start taxiing."

Pilot 1: "How are the fuel levels?"
Pilot 2: "Enough for the flight, but we might need to refuel if there's a delay."
Pilot 1: "Understood. Any changes to the flight plan?"
Pilot 2: "Not at the moment. We'll keep an eye on weather updates en route."
Pilot 1: "Sounds good. Did you make the radio calls for clearance?"
Pilot 2: "Yes, we're good to go. Tower has advised us to hold short of runway 22."
Pilot 1: "Okay, I'll contact ground control for taxi instructions."
Pilot 2: "Roger that. While we wait, let's go over the emergency procedures again."
Pilot 1: "Good idea. Let's start with engine failure on takeoff."
Pilot 2: "Right. The first thing to do is to keep the aircraft under control and attempt to land straight ahead."
Pilot 1: "And if there's not enough room to land ahead?"
Pilot 2: "Then we'll look for a suitable area to make an emergency landing, while avoiding populated areas."
Pilot 1: "Got it. What about fires?"
Pilot 2: "If there's an engine fire, we'll shut down the engine and activate the fire suppression system. If it's a cabin fire, we'll declare an emergency and start descent."
Pilot 1: "Okay, that's good to know. It looks like ground control just gave us clearance. Let's taxi to the runway."
Pilot 2: " that. I'll handle the controls and follow their instructions."
(As they taxi to the runway, the pilots continue to discuss emergency procedures and review the flight plan. Once they take off, they communicate with air traffic control and monitor the weather to ensure a safe and efficient flight.)

Pilot 1: "Fuel levels good?"
Pilot 2: "Sufficient for flight, may need refuel."
Pilot 1: "Any changes to flight plan?"
Pilot 2: "Not yet, monitoring weather updates."
Pilot 1: "Clearance radio calls made?"
Pilot 2: "Yes, tower clearance received."
Pilot 1: "Contacting ground control for taxi instructions."
Pilot 2: "Emergency procedure review before takeoff?"
Pilot 1: "First keep aircraft under control, then land ahead. Otherwise, look for a suitable landing area."
Pilot 2: "Right, what about fire?"
Pilot 1: "Engine fire, shutdown engine and activate fire suppression. Cabin fire, declare emergency and start descent."
Pilot 2: "Copy that. Clearance given. Follow ground control's instructions. Monitor weather. Communicate with ATC.

Pilot: "Good morning, checking in for flight. Any delays?"  Dispatcher: "No delays. Flight plan confirmed, expect smooth flight."
Pilot: " that, thanks. Any weather updates?"  Dispatcher: "No significant changes, but stay alert for possible turbulence."
Pilot: "Got it, we'll be ready. Requesting pushback and engine start."  Dispatcher: "Pushback and engine start approved. Contact ground control for taxi."
Pilot: ", contacting ground control. Requesting taxi to runway."  Ground Control: "Taxi to runway 27, turn right at Alpha."
Pilot: "Taxi to runway 27, turn right at Alpha."  Dispatcher: "Your departure window is open, you are next in line for takeoff."
Pilot: ", thank you. Contact tower for takeoff clearance."  Tower: "Flight 123, cleared for takeoff on runway 27, wind 5 knots."
Pilot: "Cleared for takeoff runway 27, Flight 123."  Dispatcher: "Good luck and have a safe flight."
Pilot: "Thank you, Flight 123 rolling for takeoff."  Tower: "Flight 123, climb and maintain 10,000 feet."
Pilot: "Climbing to 10,000 feet, Flight 123."  Dispatcher: "Flight path update, expect some traffic congestion. Will advise if any changes occur."
Pilot: " that, thanks for the update."  Dispatcher: "Flight 123, descend and maintain 8,000 feet. You are cleared for visual approach."
Pilot: "Descending to 8,000 feet, cleared for visual approach, Flight 123."  Tower: "Flight 123, you are clear to land on runway 33."
Pilot: "Clear to land, Flight 123."  Dispatcher: "Congrats on a successful flight. Welcome to your destination."
Pilot: "Thank you, Flight 123 taxiing to gate."  Ground Control: "Taxi to gate 3, turn right at Echo."
Pilot: "Taxi to gate 3, turn right at Echo."  Dispatcher: "Thanks for flying with us, hope to see you soon."
Pilot: "Thank you, have a good day."  Dispatcher: "You too, goodbye."

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