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Диалоги про день рождения

A: Hey, it's your birthday tomorrow, right? Do you have any plans?
B: Yeah, I'm excited! I'm just gonna have a small gathering with some friends at my place.
A: That sounds nice. What are you planning to do?
B: We'll probably play some games, watch a movie, and have some cake and drinks.
A: Are you expecting any gifts?
B: Well, I haven't really asked anyone for anything but I'll be grateful for anything they gift.
A: Do you have a favorite birthday memory?
B: Actually, I remember when I was younger, my parents threw me a surprise party and invited all my friends over. I had no idea it was happening, so it was really exciting.
A: That sounds like a lot of fun. What do you think makes a good birthday celebration?
B: For me, it's just spending time with people I care about and having a good time. It's not really about extravagant presents or huge parties.
A: Completely agree. Well, happy early birthday! I hope you have a great time tomorrow and everything goes smoothly!
B: Thank you so much! I appreciate it.

A: Hey, did you do anything special for your birthday this year?
B: Yeah, I had a pretty fun day actually. My family took me out to dinner and we had a cake afterwards at home.
A: That sounds nice. Did you get any good presents?
B: Yeah, my friends got me some nice gifts and my parents gave me a new watch that I really like.
A: Do you have any favorite birthday traditions or things you like to do every year?
B: Honestly, I'm not really big into traditions. I just like to spend time with my loved ones and do something fun or relaxing.
A: Do you think age matters when it comes to celebrating birthdays?
B: Not really. I think birthdays are a great way to acknowledge and appreciate another year of life, no matter how old you are.
A: What's the best birthday party you remember having?
B: One year, my friends threw a surprise party for me at a karaoke bar. We all sang and danced together, it was so much fun.
A: If you could have any kind of birthday celebration, what would it be?
B: Honestly, I would love to take a trip with my friends or family to somewhere new and exciting. It would be an unforgettable experience.

A: Hey, it's your birthday next week. Do you have any plans?
B: Yeah, I'm thinking of having a dinner party with a few close friends.
A: Nice! What kind of food are you going to serve?
B: I'm thinking of making some delicious seafood, and maybe some pasta and salad.
A: That sounds great. Do you have a favorite kind of birthday cake?
B: Actually, I'm not much of a cake person. I'm thinking of having some fruit tarts instead.
A: Interesting choice. Do you have any fun birthday traditions?
B: Well, every birthday, my family and I gather together to watch a movie or TV show that's related to my birth year.
A: That's a really cool idea. Do you have any birthday rituals you follow for good luck?
B: Not really, but I always make sure to blow out all of my candles in one go for good luck.
A: Do you have any advice for someone who's a bit nervous about getting older?
B: Honestly, I think it's important to focus on the positive aspects of aging. Each year we learn more and grow as individuals, and that's something to celebrate.
A: That's a great perspective. Well, happy early birthday! I hope you have a fantastic time.

A: Hey, your birthday is coming up soon, right?
B: Yes, it's next week. I'm really excited!
A: Awesome! Do you have any plans for your special day?
B: Actually, I was thinking of going out with some friends to try a new restaurant that just opened up.
A: That sounds like a great idea. Have you decided what you want to order yet?
B: I'm leaning towards trying one of their seafood dishes, but I also heard their steak is really good.
A: Ooh, tough decision. Are you going to have a birthday cake?
B: Definitely! I love all kinds of cake, but I think I'm going to go with a classic chocolate one this year.
A: Yum! And I see you've got some balloons and decorations already. Did you decorate your place yourself?
B: Actually, my family surprised me earlier today by setting up everything while I was at work. They even wrote some sweet messages on the balloons.
A: That's so thoughtful of them. Do they have any other surprises planned for your birthday?
B: They haven't hinted at anything yet, but I'm excited to see what they have in store. I have a feeling it's going to be a great day.
A: I'm sure it will be. Well, happy early birthday! I hope you have a wonderful time celebrating.

A: Hey, it's your birthday tomorrow! Have you got any fun plans?
B: Yeah, I'm having a few friends around for drinks and snacks tonight, and then tomorrow I'm going to a spa for a massage and some pampering.
A: That sounds amazing. Have you decided on your birthday outfit yet?
B: I'm thinking of wearing a cute dress that I bought recently. It's perfect for summertime birthdays.
A: Nice choice! And what about your birthday cake? Do you have a favorite kind?
B: I'm not too fussed about the cake, to be honest. But I did ask for a pavlova with lots of fresh fruit on top.
A: Yum, that sounds so good. Do you have any birthday traditions that you like to follow?
B: Well, I always make a wish before I blow out the candles. And my family usually sends me a funny birthday card with some money inside.
A: Aww, that's cute. Do you have any special plans for the weekend after your birthday?
B: Actually, my boyfriend surprised me with tickets to a live music show, so we're going to that on Saturday night. I'm really excited.
A: That's so sweet of him. It sounds like you're going to have a wonderful birthday and weekend. I hope you have a great time!

A: Hey, have you heard? It's my birthday tomorrow!
B: Oh really? How old are you turning?
A: I'm turning 25. I feel so old!
B: Don't worry, you're still young. Plus, at least you can rent a car now!
A: Ha, that's true! I'm just excited to eat cake and get presents.
B: Speaking of presents, what do you want?
A: Hmm, I haven't really thought about it. I was hoping for a surprise.
B: Well, I was thinking of getting you a puppy!
A: (jokingly) A puppy?! I already have a cat, they're mortal enemies!
B: Oh, right, I forgot about that. How about a toaster?
A: (laughs) A toaster?! Thanks, but I already have one.
B: Okay, how about a gift card to your favorite store?
A: That's more like it! I love shopping. Thanks in advance.
B: No problem! I can't wait to celebrate your birthday with you.

Person 1: Hey dude, did you hear it's my birthday tomorrow?
Person 2: Oh wow, happy early birthday! How old are you turning?
Person 1: Thanks, I'm turning 21. You know what that means?
Person 2: Yeah, you can finally legally drink in the US, congratulations!
Person 1: Haha, yeah exactly. But let's be real, I've been doing that for years.
Person 2: Well, I still got you a birthday present.
Person 1: Aww, you shouldn't have. What is it?
Person 2: It's a mirror.
Person 1: ...What? Why did you get me a mirror?
Person 2: Because you always talk about how you're aging backwards. I thought you might want to see for yourself.
Person 1: *rolls eyes* Thanks a lot, buddy. Just what I always wanted.

A: Hey, did you hear? It’s my birthday!
B: No way! Happy birthday! How old are you?
A: I’m 25 today.
B: Wow, a quarter of a century old. What did you do to celebrate?
A: Nothing much, just had a small party with some friends and family.
B: Did you get any cool gifts?
A: Yeah, my grandma got me a sweater with a cat on it. I don’t even like cats.
B: Haha, at least it’s the thought that counts, right?
A: I guess so. What about you? What did you give me as a gift?
B: Uh, I gave you a high five and a “happy birthday” message on Facebook.
A: Thanks, you shouldn’t have.

John: Hey, do you know what day is today?
Kate: Of course, it's your birthday!
John: That's right! And have you prepared a gift for me?
Kate: Yes, I have! I spent all day yesterday making you a birthday cake.
John: That's amazing! What kind of cake is it?
Kate: It's a chocolate cake with buttercream frosting, and I even put a sparkler on top!
John: Wow, I can't wait to taste it! And I have a surprise for you too.
Kate: Really? What is it?
John: It's not a material gift, but instead, I'm giving you the gift of my presence. I'll be here with you for the entire day, and we can do whatever you want.
Kate: Aww, that's so sweet! But can we at least go out and buy some candles? I forgot to get some at the store.
John: Sure thing! Let's go and have the best birthday ever!

Person 1: Hey, do you remember my birthday is coming up next week?
Person 2: Of course I do! I bought you a gift already.
Person 1: Really? That's awesome! What did you get me?
Person 2: A dictionary.
Person 1: A dictionary?! Why on earth would you get me a dictionary?
Person 2: Well, you always say you need to brush up on your vocabulary, so I thought this would be perfect for you.
Person 1: (laughs) Thanks a lot, but I was hoping for something a little more exciting.
Person 2: Okay, okay. How about a subscription to a new streaming service?
Person 1: (smiling) Now that's more like it! You know me so well.
Person 2: See, I always come through for you.
Person 1: (laughing) You sure do. And I'll make sure to use my new vocabulary to thank you properly.

A: Hey, did you hear it's Tom's birthday today?
B: No way, my calendar must be broken. How old is he now?
A: He's turning 30!
B: Ha! He's finally joining the club!
A: You mean the club of "being too old to party like we used to"?
B: Exactly. Now he has to switch his beer for wine and go to bed before midnight.
A: Poor Tom. But he'll still get lots of presents and cake, right?
B: Of course, it's not all bad. But let's hope he doesn't blow out the candles too hard and spit all over the cake.
A: Ew, that's gross. But knowing Tom, he'll probably do something ridiculous like that.
B: He's just a big kid at heart. Happy birthday, Tom!

Person 1: Hey, did you hear? It's my birthday today!
Person 2: No way, happy birthday! How old are you now?
Person 1: Thank you! I'm officially one year older, but I still feel like a 12 year old at heart.
Person 2: Well, you know what they say - age is just a number.
Person 1: Yeah, except that number keeps getting higher and higher.
Person 2: Cheer up, at least you're not as old as the dinosaurs!
Person 1: True, but have you seen my wrinkles?
Person 2: I think those are just laughter lines from all the good times you've had.
Person 1: Aww, you're too sweet. Can we just celebrate with cake now?
Person 2: Absolutely! Let's eat some cake and pretend we're not getting older.

A: Hey, did you hear it's Dave's birthday today?
B: No way! How old is he turning?
A: I think he's turning 30.
B: 30?! That's a big one. We should get him something special.
A: I was thinking a gift card to his favorite restaurant and a balloon with the number 30 on it. Simple but classic.
B: That sounds good, but we should also get him a cake. What kind of cake do you think he likes?
A: Hmm, I'm not sure. Maybe we can get a chocolate cake with sprinkles on top?
B: Eh, that's too boring. How about a carrot cake with cream cheese frosting and a chocolate drizzle?
A: Wow, you really put some thought into that. That sounds amazing.
B: And we should also sing "Happy birthday" to him, but in our best opera voices.
A: Oh man, Dave is going to love this birthday celebration.
B: It's going to be epic. Happy birthday, Dave!

Tom: Hey John, did you hear that it's my birthday next week?
John: Oh really? How old are you turning?
Tom: I'll be 30 years old.
John: Wow, that's a big milestone! Are you having a big party?
Tom: Nah, I'm just going to celebrate with my family and close friends. I don't want any fuss.
John: Come on, you have to do something to commemorate the occasion.
Tom: Well, I did buy myself a cake. It's shaped like a coffin.
John: (laughs) A coffin? Is that some kind of joke?
Tom: No, not really. I just thought it would be funny to have a "death-themed" cake for my 30th birthday.
John: (still laughing) You're a weirdo, Tom. But happy early birthday, man.

A: Hey, have you heard that it's Terry's birthday today?
B: No way! How old is he turning?
A: He's turning 30. Can you believe it? He's finally leaving his twenties.
B: Oh man, that's a big one. We have to get him a really great present.
A: Do you have any ideas?
B: Well, how about a cake in the shape of a beer mug?
A: That's a great idea! But what if Terry doesn't like beer?
B: Hmm, good point. How about a cake shaped like a giant slice of pizza?
A: Ha! I'm pretty sure Terry would love that. But let's also get him a gift card to his favorite restaurant so he can go out and celebrate his big day.
B: Sounds perfect. And maybe we can also get a piñata filled with candy and little bottles of booze.
A: (laughs) You just want an excuse to hit something with a stick.
B: Hey, it's a tradition in my family. But seriously, Terry's gonna love his birthday celebration. We're going all out for him.
A: Definitely. Let's make it a birthday he'll never forget!

A: Hey, do you know it's my birthday today?
B: No way! Happy Birthday!
A: Thanks! Do you have any plans for tonight?
B: Unfortunately, I have to work night shift.
A: Oh, that's a bummer. But you can wish me a happy birthday in the morning!
B: Sure thing! I'll wake you up with a birthday song!
A: Haha, thanks but I might need some coffee before that.
B: How about I bring you a birthday cake instead?
A: Yes, please! And some candles too!
B: Ok, but I won't sing. I don't want to wake up the neighbors.
A: Fair enough. I'll just pretend you're singing in my head.
B: Haha, happy birthday again, my friend!

A: Hey, did you hear it's Melissa's birthday today?
B: Oh really? We should do something special for her.
A: Yeah, I was thinking we could throw her a surprise party.
B: That's a great idea, but what if it's not a surprise and she already knows about it?
A: Hmm...well, we could hide behind the couch and jump out when she comes in.
B: Okay, that could work. But what if she starts crying? I'm not good at dealing with tears.
A: Don't worry, we'll just start singing Happy Birthday and she'll forget all about it.
B: (laughing) Yeah, because there's nothing like off-key singing to distract someone from their emotions.
A: Exactly. And then we'll give her presents and cake and it'll be the happiest birthday ever.
B: (smiling) I think you're right. Let's do it.

Sarah: Hey John! Did you know that my birthday is coming up soon?
John: Really? That's great news! How old are you turning?
Sarah: I'll be 30. Can you believe it?
John: Wow, time flies! I remember when we were just teenagers.
Sarah: Yeah, me too. So, are you planning on getting me a gift?
John: Of course! I was thinking of getting you a box of chocolates or a bouquet of flowers.
Sarah: Those are nice ideas, but I was really hoping for something a bit more exciting.
John: Hmm, like what?
Sarah: How about a trip to Paris? Or a weekend getaway to a spa resort?
John: (laughs) Sarah, I'm your friend, not your sugar daddy! But I'll definitely find you something special.
Sarah: (laughs) Okay, fair enough. I'll let you surprise me. But if it's not up to par, I might have to reconsider our friendship.
John: (laughs) Deal. I'll make sure it's something you'll never forget.

A: Hey, did you know it's my birthday next week?
B: No way, happy early birthday! What are you planning to do?
A: I don't know yet, maybe just have a small party with some friends.
B: That sounds fun. How old are you turning?
A: I'm turning 29.
B: Wow, you're getting up there. Pretty soon you'll be hitting the big 3-0.
A: Hey now, let's not talk about that. I'm still in my twenties for one more year.
B: Alright, alright. So what kind of cake do you want for your birthday?
A: I'm thinking a classic chocolate cake with lots of frosting.
B: Sounds good to me. Just make sure you don't eat the whole thing in one sitting or you'll regret it.
A: Haha, I'll try not to. Thanks for the birthday wishes though, it means a lot.

Person 1: Hey, isn't it your birthday today?
Person 2: Yes, it is. I'm another year older but still as immature as ever.
Person 1: Well, happy birthday anyways! Did you get any good presents?
Person 2: Yeah, my mom got me a new pair of socks.
Person 1: Socks? That's a weird birthday present.
Person 2: Hey, I can never have too many socks. Plus, they have Batman on them.
Person 1: Ah, I see. That makes sense. So, what are you doing to celebrate?
Person 2: I'm having a small gathering at my place. There will be pizza, cake, and games.
Person 1: Sounds like a typical 8-year-old's birthday party!
Person 2: Hey, it's called being young at heart. Plus, who doesn't love pizza and games?
Person 1: Fair enough. Have a great birthday, my friend!
Person 2: Thanks, I plan to!

Person 1: "Hey, happy birthday! You look a year older today."
Person 2: "Thanks! I'm not sure if that's a good thing or a bad thing."
Person 1: "Well, you know what they say, age is just a number."
Person 2: "Yeah, but unfortunately, I've run out of fingers to count on."
Person 1: "Ha! Well, I brought you a present. It's a pie."
Person 2: "Wow, thanks! What kind of pie is it?"
Person 1: "It's a pizza pie. I figured we could celebrate your birthday with pizza and beer."
Person 2: "Pizza and beer? Sounds like my kind of party. Let's do it!"
Person 1: "Alright, but just don't blame me if you wake up with a hangover tomorrow."
Person 2: "No worries, I'll just tell people I was celebrating the gift of life."

Mike: Hey Jerry, did you hear that tomorrow is my birthday?
Jerry: No way! How old are you turning this year?
Mike: I don't want to say, but let's just say I'm older than I look.
Jerry: Ha! Well, we'll have to throw you a party then. What kind of cake do you want?
Mike: Hmm, I'm not sure. Maybe a chocolate cake with tons of frosting?
Jerry: Sounds good to me. And what about presents? What's on your wish list?
Mike: Honestly, all I want is a few more grey hairs to match my wisdom.
Jerry: Haha, I'll see what I can do. But seriously, we'll throw you a great party. Just make sure to pace yourself with the birthday shots this year.
Mike: No promises. Bring on the tequila!

- Hey, did you hear that it's Mary's birthday today?
- Oh no, I forgot to get her a gift!
- Don't worry, we can make her a cake.
- But I don't know how to bake.
- That's okay, I have a recipe. All we need is flour, sugar, eggs, and...uhhh...
- Milk, you need milk.
- Right, milk! See, we got this.
- What kind of cake are we going to make?
- How about a chocolate cake?
- Yes! And we can decorate it with frosting and sprinkles.
- And candles!
- Of course, we can't forget the candles. How old is Mary turning?
- 25, I think.
- Wow, she's getting old.
- Hey, speak for yourself.
- Okay, okay. Let's focus on making the cake delicious for Mary's birthday.

- Hey buddy, happy birthday!
- Thanks, man. I can't believe I'm getting old.
- Old? Dude, you're only turning 25. That's when life begins!
- Yeah right, I'm already starting to feel old and tired.
- Well, you know what they say. You're not getting older, you're just leveling up.
- Haha, that's a good one. So what did you get me for my birthday?
- Sorry man, I was going to get you a gift, but I ran out of time.
- That's okay, you can make it up to me by buying me a drink tonight.
- Deal. One drink for every year you've been alive.
- Woah, let's not get too crazy. I don't want to end up in the hospital tonight.
- Alright, one drink for every month you've been alive then.
- That's more like it. Let's party!

Sarah: Hey, Bob, guess what?
Bob: What?
Sarah: Today is my birthday!
Bob: Oh wow, happy birthday Sarah! How old are you now?
Sarah: Thanks! I'm 29, but don't worry, I won't hold it against you.
Bob: Ha, I appreciate that. So, what did you do to celebrate?
Sarah: Well, I woke up to a text from my mom that said, "Happy Birthday! Love, Dad." So that was nice.
Bob: Uh, Sarah, your dad passed away a few years ago...
Sarah: I know, I think that's actually the message he left me before he died. Mom must have forgotten to update it.
Bob: Oh... Well, did you get any other birthday surprises?
Sarah: Yeah, my friend gave me a card that said, "Age is just a number...and yours is getting pretty big." Thanks for the honesty, Karen.
Bob: Haha, well at least you can always count on your friends to keep it real.
Sarah: Yeah, I guess that's one way to look at it. But hey, I still get cake and presents, so overall it's not too bad.
Bob: That's the spirit! Happy birthday again, Sarah.
Sarah: Thanks, Bob! Now let's go find some cake.

A: Hey, Sarah, happy birthday!
S: Thanks, John.
A: So, how old are you now?
S: I'm not telling you.
A: Come on, I promise I won't make fun of you.
S: Okay, fine. I'm 30.
A: Wow, you're getting up there in age. I hear at 30, your metabolism slows down, and you start getting wrinkles.
S: Thanks, John, just what every woman wants to hear on her birthday.
A: Sorry, sorry. Hey, at least you're still young at heart.
S: I guess so. I mean, I still do silly things like eat cake for breakfast.
A: That's the spirit! So, what are your plans for your big day?
S: Well, I was thinking of going bungee jumping.
A: Bungee jumping?! Are you crazy?
S: Ha, just kidding. I'll probably just have a quiet dinner with some friends.
A: Sounds like a more reasonable plan. Well, happy birthday again, Sarah.
S: Thanks, John. I appreciate it.

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