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1. Organising a trip
2. Airport
3. Flight
4. Hotel
5. Breakfast
6. Beach
7. Tour
8. Restaurant
9. Shopping
10. Coming back

Story 1. Organising a trip

Ann is going on a vacation. She has dreamt about it for the last six months. She started planning her trip half a year ago. Ann made a research and surfed the Internet. She found out that the most popular location was Spain. So, she called a travel agency and asked about offers. They were too expensive so Ann decided to book the tickets and the hotel on her own. Ann also submitted papers for getting a visa. Finally, she confirmed the reservation. Ann is happy. She departs next week.

Story 2. Airport

Today Ann is flying away.  She set her alarm clock for 5 a.m. She doesn't want to be late. She arrives at the airport at 7. It's 2 hours before her airplane departs. Ann feels excited. She goes to the check-in desk. She gets her passport and tickets ready. She‛s got one bag and checks it in too. Ann passes the passport control. She hears the announcer asking all the passengers of her flight to come to gate number 9. Ann boards and takes her seat. The plane is taking off.

Story 3. Flight

Ann is flying to Spain. The plane took off an hour ago and all the flight lasts for 2 hours. She has chosen a window seat so now she can overlook the view out of the plane. The sky is clear. Ann has taken a book to pass the time. She is reading it now. She‛d like to have a drink. She calls over for a stewardess and orders a coffee. Finally, the plane is landing. Ann can see the airport. She can't wait to start her rest.

Story 4. Hotel

Ann has arrived at Spain and now she is riding in a bus to her hotel that she booked several months ago. The bus pulls over and she gets off. Ann comes to the hotel. She is greeted by a receptionist. The receptionist asks for her passport and she gives it to him. Several minutes later everything is done and she checks in at last. Her room number is 101. Ann is excited but she is a little tired as well. She goes to her room.

Story 5. Breakfast

Today is Ann's day number one. She has planned some excursions and, of course, she wants to do the shopping. Ann didn't set her alarm clock. However, she woke up pretty early. She went down to a canteen on the ground floor. Her tour is all inclusive that's why she is going to order a lot. She has eaten her breakfast and had a cup of strong coffee and now Ann is walking to a beach. The receptionist told her she would like it. Ann is feeling excited.

Story 6. Beach

The weather is amazing. The sand is soft and warm. Ann is relaxed.
She is spending time on a beach. She put all necessary items in her bag. Her skin is pretty sensitive therefore Ann has got ready in advance. Now she is putting some sun lotion on her body. Ann is wearing sunglasses. She also bought new flip-flops in a local shop. The towel is next to her. She didn't take any money to the beach. She is lying on the beach and getting suntan. In her mind Ann is planning her next day.

Story 7. Tour

Ann decides to take a tour to the local sights. She has chosen a guided tour.Her group is gathering round at the bus stop. The bus picks the tourists up and takes them to the nearby town full of various sights. Ann feels excited. She checks in and clarifies the duration of the tour. It is going to take her 3 hours. She is supposed to visit two museums, one famous park with monuments and finally walk along a well-known street with a lot of interesting things.

Story 8. Restaurant

Ann is planning to visit a restaurant. She didn't check the availability of them before. So she is going down to a receptionist. He is likely to know and tell her the best options. She has found out that the best one is located just two blocks away from her hotel. Now Ann is walking there. The street is crowded. Everyone is so friendly. The people are smiling. Eventually she reaches the restaurant and the waiter takes her to the table at the window. Ann takes a seat and reads ads the menu. She wants to taste something of the local cuisine.

Story 9. Shopping

The vacation is coming to its end. And the last thing Ann hasn't done yet is shopping. She likes shopping very much. She knows that there is a nice mall nearby. She has kept some money for it. Ann is going to visit some clothes stores as well as souvenir ones. She‛d like to buy new shirts of local brands and several bags. At the souvenir store Ann will purchase some things for her friends and relatives since they asked her for.

Story 10. Coming back

That's it. The vacation is over. But it was amazing. It has surpassed all her expectations. Ann has packed her bags. She is coming down to check out. She has paid in advance so now she can just relax and enjoy the last moments of this trip. The bus takes her to the airport where she is going to check in for her flight back. Ann has had a great time and she is looking forward to the next trip. She hasn't decided where she is going to travel yet.

1. Planning
2. Departure
3. Flight
4. Arrival
5. Beach
6. Restaurant
7. Museum
8. Ride on a bus
9. Shopping
10. Back to…

Story 1. Planning

It's winter. But Adam is thinking of a travel. He would like to visit a warm country to have a change from the cold weather outside. His mate is working at a tour agency so Adam is calling him to talk about a trip. His friend recommends him Thailand. This is the most popular location this season. Adam agrees. He forwards all the necessary papers and pays for a trip. He has chosen a 4 star hotel and several excursions during the rest. Adam feels excited. He'll be able to have a rest soon.

Story 2. Departure

Adam is departing today. His aircraft takes off at 12 p.m. He also needs to pass the registration. He called a taxi an hour ago not to be late. Adam packed his bags. He is riding in a taxi to the airport now. At the airport he is going to check in. So he has got his passport and the tickets ready. Adam is going to pass the passport control as well. Then he will board his flight and fly away. Adam has got a hand luggage too. He put a book and his mp3 player there.

Story 3. Flight

Finally, Adam has boarded the plane. He is sitting in the aisle seat since he is a little bit afraid of looking out of the window. The plane is flying through the clouds. Adam is listening to his favourite songs on his player. He has called over for a steward because he wants to eat something. He feels hungry. The steward has brought him some snack and a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice. Adam is having lunch. After that he is going to have a nap. The flight will be over in 2 hours.

Story 4. Arrival

Adam has finally come to Thailand. He is taking a bus from the airport to his hotel. He can overlook the landscape out of the window. The way to the hotel takes him 45 minutes. When the bus pulls over, he gets off and enters his hotel. At the reception desk Adam gives his passport and tells the reservation information. The receptionist fills in the necessary papers and passes the key. Adam feels tired after a long flight. He'd like to relax a lot.

Story 5. Beach

Yesterday Adam arrived at his hotel. He wakes up and goes to the canteen where he's going to have breakfast. He prefers healthy food so he has cereal and drinks a glass of juice for his breakfast. After that he goes out of the hotel and walks along the street to the beach.
It is 1 mile away from the hotel. His bag is hanging on his shoulder. There are some lotions, a couple of towels and a little money there. Adam plans to spend all the day on the beach. The weather is supposed to be great. Adam is completely relaxed.

Story 6. Restaurant

Today Adam is going out to the restaurant. He met a nice girl on the beach yesterday and now he is planning to eat out. She told him yesterday that she knew a lovely local place to eat. Adam has never tasted local cuisine and he feels excited and a little nervous. They agreed to meet at the corner near the fountain. Adam put his shorts and T-shirt on. He is wearing flip-flops since it's very hot and humid outside. The street is crowded and he is walking slowly.

Story 7. Museum

And one more day has come. Today Adam is going to a local museum that he noticed a couple of days ago. He asked his girlfriend to accompany him and she agreed with pleasure. So, they booked two tickets at the reception and at the moment are walking along the street towards this museum. The exhibition there is devoted to the local fashion. Adam is interested in fashion. So he'll definitely like it.
He can't wait to start.

Story 8. Ride on a bus

Today Adam is going on a bus to a nearby town. There is a huge swap market there so Adam is going to do the shopping. The shopping tour is organised by the travel agency and is included into the program. Adam has paid for it in advance. The group is gathering round at the reception hall and then moving to the bus. It is capable to take up to fifteen passengers. Adam feels excited. He is going to spend some money and he likes it.

Story 9. Shopping

Adam arrived at the market. He kept some money for it. He isn't a shopaholic. However, he likes buying new clothes. Today he is going to purchase some shirts, two pairs of jeans and three pairs of shoes. Local clothes and shoes are really cheap. But Adam likes to bargain. He works as a salesperson and likes this process. After the shopping Adam is going to return to his hotel. He has one more day for his rest and then has to come back to his routine life.

Story 10. Back to…

The travel is over. Adam feels great. He has spent incredible days in Thailand. Now he is waiting for a bus that is going to take him back to the airport. He has checked out of the hotel. He hopes to visit this place again. His aircraft departs in 3 hours. And the flight lasts for 5 hours. Adam made new friends and will keep in touch with them. They exchanged their telephone numbers and email addresses and promised to arrange a joint travel some time in future.

1. Preparing for a travel
2. Leaving
3. Aircraft
4. Welcome
5. Beach
6. Restaurant
7. Theatre
8. Buyings
9. Museum
10. Back

Story 1. Preparing for a travel

Sarah is tired of working. She hasn't been travelling for six months. So now she is thinking of going somewhere warm and sunny. Sarah saw an ad on the Internet last week. It was about special offers from a famous travel agency. Sarah is calling it now. An employee has told her everything. And the conditions are good for her. So, she decides to agree. Sarah pays for the tour. She uses her credit card. She feels excited.

Story 2. Leaving

Sarah has waited for the day. She is leaving today. She ordered a taxi last night. Her alarm clock woke her up at 5 a.m. Now she is riding in a taxi. Sarah has arrived at the airport on time. She finds her check-in desk and goes through the procedure. She has two bags and checks them in too. She hears a loud speaker announcement about her flight. Sarah walks to her gate. The boarding has just started. Sarah is finally flying away. She can't wait to start her rest.

Story 3. Aircraft

The aircraft took off 1 hour ago. Sarah is flying. Her aircraft is modern and comfortable. She has called for a stewardess because she'd like to order some extra food and drink. Sarah is flying in an economy class. The seat next to her is empty. She is overlooking a fascinating view out of the window. Now Sarah is thinking of watching some movie. She is going to reach her destination in 2 hours.

Story 4. Welcome

The airplane landed ten minutes ago. An employee of her tour agency met her at the airport. Now they are riding in a car. Sarah is listening to some important information. In her mind she is thinking of having lunch and swimming in the ocean. At the hotel she is greeted warmly and after all the procedures she comes into her room. It is located on the tenth floor and has a view on the ocean. Sarah unpacks her bags and goes to the restaurant.

Story 5. Beach

The weather is amazing. Sarah is on the beach. There are lots of other tourists everywhere. Sarah is lying on the deckchair. The umbrella is making a shade. Sarah feels relaxed. She has swum several times. The water is warm and the waves are not so strong. It's quite pleasant. Sarah is having her cocktail. She is getting suntan and thinking about nothing. Finally, she has got all that she was dreaming about.

Story 6. Restaurant

Sarah has made a research on local restaurants. Besides, the receptionist of her hotel recommended a good one yesterday. So now she is reserving a table there. This is the middle of her travel and Sarah hasn't been to any restaurant yet. She booked a table near the window. She will have dinner on her own. She'd like to taste something delicious of the local cuisine.

Story 7. Theatre

Today Sarah is going to the theatre. It is rather non-ordinary for her. But they say the local performances are really amazing. Sarah has bought her ticket in advance. It isn't cheap. But she doesn't regret at all. The show will go on the outdoor stage. It is going to be accompanied by a live orchestra. Sarah has put her evening gown on.
She looks gorgeous. The taxi has come and now she is riding to the theatre. The streets are crowded.

Story 8. Buyings

One of the last days is for shopping. Sarah isn't a shopaholic. However, she doesn't want to miss this opportunity. She has selected three major malls around the city. Last night she ordered a taxi and now Sarah is riding in it to the nearest shopping center. Sarah is going to buy some shirts and trousers. Besides, she is planning to purchase some souvenirs for her mates and relatives. After shopping Sarah will come back to the hotel.

Story 9. Museum

Today Sarah is visiting a local museum. It is not far away from her hotel so she can walk there. The way will take her about fifteen minutes. Sarah has popped in a coffee shop and bought a cappuccino.
Now she is walking down the street to the museum. The visit is likely to be interesting. This museum is exhibiting local clothes, ancient vases and pots and so on. Sarah likes art and is looking forward to seeing the exhibition. She can't wait.

Story 10. Back

The trip is over. Sarah has spent a great time and doesn't regret any moment. Today she is flying back home. She has to check out. A taxi will take her to the airport. There she is going to pass some standard procedures and take her seat in the aircraft. She will miss this trip. Besides, she is going to visit a duty free shop and buy something for herself.

PART 4     
1. Thinking of a trip
2. Departure
3. Arrival
4. The rest starts
5. Exhibition
6. Restaurant
7. Shopping
8. Museum
9. Taking pictures
10. Back home

Story 1. Thinking of a trip

David feels bored. He has been working non-stop for three months and is thinking of a travel at the moment. Last time he travelled to India and now wants to have a change. Two weeks ago he went out with his friends. And they were discussing about Prague. Some of them had visited it before. They had got only good impression. David is booking a trip now. He found interesting offers on the Internet. David reserves a hotel and tickets. In two weeks he's going to have a trip to Prague.

Story 2. Departure

Finally, David has waited for this day. His train departs at 6 p.m. He is packing his bags now. The trip will take him just three days so he isn't going to take much stuff with him. He takes some magazines to pass the time. A taxi will arrive at 5 p.m, it will take him to the central train terminal. David will arrive at Prague at 10 p.m. He is going to read his book and overlook the view out of the window on his way.

Story 3. Arrival

David has reached his destination. His train has arrived and he is getting off. David takes a taxi. He is riding in it and looking out of the window. It's dark outside but he can enjoy the view of local sights, buildings and so on. The taxi pulls over near the hotel. David pays for it and gives some tips. The hotel receptionist greets him. They are going through the standard procedures. David passes his passport and some reservation papers. The receptionist fills in some needed papers. Finally, David gets his key and goes up to his room.

Story 4. The rest starts

David woke up in good mood. He doesn't have to go to work today. He feels amazing. Today he's going to walk along some central streets, visit an exhibition and have dinner at the restaurant. David has ordered his breakfast to the room and now is waiting for it. He is looking out of the window in his room. The street is crowded. The people look friendly there. After he has breakfast David is going downstairs.

Story 5. Exhibition

Today David is going to visit a local exhibition. He heard about it a while ago. David bought a ticket the day before yesterday. This exhibition is taking place in an old part of the town. It is located not far from his hotel therefore David is going on foot there. It starts at 7 p.m. and now David is getting ready for it. He is going to take his photo camera with him and take some pictures there. The exhibition lasts for three hours. After it ends up David will go to a restaurant.

Story 6. Restaurant

David saw a nice restaurant nearby last night. He asked the receptionist about it. The receptionist recommended it. So David is going to eat out there today. He likes to taste something new. So he is going to order some dish of the local cuisine. David is going to have a drink. After the restaurant visit David will go back to his hotel.
He has got a few more plans for the next days.

Story 7. Shopping

David hasn't forgotten about the shopping either. Tonight he is going to visit several shops with local souvenirs. His mates asked him to purchase some things for them. David is asking an employee at the reception about this. The receptionist tells him all he knows. So, David is thinking now where to go. The nearby souvenir store is located right behind the corner. But the prices there are not so low.
Another one with low prices is pretty far. David has decided to have a walk and is moving towards the farther store.

Story 8. Museum

There is a nice museum just next to David's hotel. And last night David booked a ticket there. He is supposed to find out some new information about this old town. The guide is going to tell him about early periods in the town's life. It's going to be really exciting. David is interested in this area. The ticket cost him not so much. He used his card for payment. In several minutes he is going to the museum.

Story 9. Taking pictures

David is really fond of taking photos. He has got his professional camera with him. After each travel David brings loads of pictures back. He likes to share them with his friends and family members. So right now he is walking around the district where his hotel is located and taking pictures of various sights. He finds this activity quite interesting. He charged his camera yesterday. David is planning to spend half a day this way.

Story 10. Back home

The rest has finished. David is completely pleased with all that he has done. This travel has been a bit different from all his previous ones and surpassed his expectations. David has packed his bags and ordered a taxi. The train departs at 4 p.m. David is going to have lunch and walk outside. He is going to recall some moments of this trip.

1. Where to go?
2. On the board
3. The first destination
4. That's amazing
5. Embankment
6. Park
7. Art gallery
8. Museum
9. Where to eat
10. It's time to get back

Story 1. Where to go?

Emma has been working hard for the past several months. She has saved enough money for her vacation. She is going on a bus tour with her friends. They are going to visit six towns with many sights and interesting locations. Emma has made the last payment today. And now she is packing her bags. Her bus is departing at 7 a.m. tomorrow.
She'll take a taxi to a bus terminal. All her friends will gather round there. Emma feels excited.

Story 2. On the board

It's starting. The bus terminal is really crowded. Emma is here. She can see her friends. She is coming up to them and greets them all.
The friends are glad to see her. All the mates are getting their tickets and bags ready. They are sitting next to each other so it'll help to pass the time. Emma has taken her favourite book. She also has a bottle of water and some snack in her hand bag. She feels excited.

Story 3. The first destination

That's it. The bus pulls over and Emma is getting off. She feels a little tired because of a long journey. It took her 3 hours to get here. But it's worthy of doing that. The landscape is really amazing. Emma can overlook ancient buildings and other sights. There are a lot of people everywhere. Emma follows her friends. They are supposed to visit the most ancient sights in this town. A guide is going to tell them about it. Emma can't wait to see it.

Story 4. That's amazing

Here it is. The excursion has just started. Emma and her friends are standing round the guide. He has just started his story. The place looks really old. Emma can overlook wooden constructions. The guide invites the group to enter one of them. Emma comes into one of these houses. The interior is quite non ordinary. There are a lot of ancient vases and pots, interesting chairs and cupboards. The guide tells them exciting stories about the place.

Story 5. Embankment

This time the bus has brought them all to a town that is located on the bank of the river. Emma enjoys the view. She can see a lot of boats. People are sailing here and there. Some time later Emma is going to take a yacht tour. It is going to take her about an hour. After that Emma will have a walk with her mates along the fascinating embankment. This is the most popular sight at the town. There are a lot of stalls where she can purchase some souvenirs for her relatives.
The exhibition lasts for three hours. After it ends up David will go to a restaurant.

Story 6. Park

One of the most interesting parts of Emma's trip is visiting a national park. This is the most popular location at this area. Emma is supposed to spend several hours there since the area is really large. The park tour offers its visitors a lot of interesting stuff. Emma is going to attend a craft class on bread baking. The performer is supposed to share an ancient technology on bread cooking with his visitors. This is going to be amazing.

Story 7. Art gallery

Today Emma decided to visit an art gallery. There is a non-ordinary exhibition there. They are going to show a collection of paintings of an unknown artist. Recently those paintings have been discovered when excavating some new sites around this area. Emma is interested in archeology so she is going to enjoy it a lot. The exhibition will take her 3 hours. She has bought a ticket. There was a long line at the ticket office. Now Emma is having a strong coffee.

Story 8. Museum

It's time to go to a museum. Emma's friends booked a tour to a local museum. Emma hasn't visited any for a while. Last time it was in her childhood. This is a historical museum where Emma is supposed to see old costumes and clothes, household items and so on. Her friends bought tickets for all the group yesterday. The museum is located in the centre of the town. They are going to enjoy it.

Story 9. Where to eat

Emma has two hours and at the moment is thinking of eating something really delicious. Somebody told her of a small cafe with traditional cuisine so now she is trying to find out where it is located.
She has asked several pedestrians and now is walking towards this place. Emma turns to the left. Now she has to walk just straight. The streets aren't crowded. Emma can observe the local architecture. The cafe is right behind the corner. It's going to be delicious.

Story 10. It's time to get back

That's all. The trip is over. The bus is  going back. Emma's rest was incredible. She has gained amazing experience. All these days were full of incredible emotions. The bus will take them all back. It's a little sad that she has to return. Emma has decided to visit this place again. Now her friends and she have taken their seats and are discussing about the rest. They are rewatching photos and videos that have been taken during the tour. Everything has gone pretty well and surpassed everyone's expectations.

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