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Story ONE
Business center

Chris works at an office. It is located in downtown.
His office is large and spacious. There are a lot of desks and stationary cupboards in it.
Chris likes his office so much. It is light and bright enough.
His working place is just by the window.
So he can overlook the buildings outside.
The business centre has got 21 stories.
There are secured parking places outside so Chris is able to park his car.
The offices look so colorful and it’s so pleasant to work in here.
Every morning Chris is having breakfast at the lounge cafe.
The prices are reasonable and the meal is quite delicious there.
Chris has always dreamt about such a place.

Story TWO
Working place

Dan is an office worker.
He spends his days phoning his clients and offering them the company product.
His company specializes in garden furniture.
Dan likes his work.
He uses a phone and a desktop computer.
Sometimes he has got to scan some important papers, receive and send workpaper and so on.
Dan works at an open space.
He doesn’t have his own room.
Despite that he likes it there.
He can talk to his workmates and it is easy to get some advice and their help from time to time.
His working place is neat.
It is located in the centre of the office so he can see what’s going on around the office.
Dan is a good employee.

Office room

Brandon is a CFO.
He works at a financial department.
He is a head of the department so he has got his own office room.
It’s not too spacious.
However, the area is even enough for having meetings in there.
His room is really convenient.
There is everything necessary for the work.
It has got a desk, a few armchairs for visitors, stationery cupboards for workpaper and even a fridge.
The room has no windows and one of the walls is transparent so Brandon can watch his colleagues who work at his department.
It’s very comfortable to see what they really do.
Brandon doesn’t want to change anything.
He likes his working place so much.

Story FOUR
Meeting room

Sarah is an office assistant.
She is responsible for a lot of tasks and duties.
One of them is arranging meetings of the company.
There are a few meeting rooms at her office.
They are spacious and quite cosy.
They are equipped well.
There is a flipchart in each of them.
There is an interactive board for presentations as well.
Sarah has to check everything before the meeting.
In case something breaks down she phones a repair service and they fix it immediately.
Sarah is getting one of the meeting rooms ready at the moment.
She has checked everything and it’s all right.
The meeting is going to start soon.

Story FIVE

Victor is a chef.
He doesn’t work at a restaurant.
He doesn’t work at a cafe either.
He is a chef at a canteen at a large IT company.
All the company's employees eat here.
Victor is responsible for breakfast and lunch.
He cooks the meals according to a standard menu.
He works 5 days a week.
The canteen is located on the first floor.
Every day lots of Viktor’s co-workers come to have meals here.
There are a few rows of tables.
One wall has got three large windows.
There are 3 coffee-machines so everyone can have a cup of tasty coffee after the meal.
Victor likes the place.
He has got all modern equipment and cooking is really easy for him here.

Story SIX
Car park

Ted is a programmer.
He works at a large business-centre which has got a parking lot.
It’s an underground car park including three levels.
There are nearly two hundred parking places.
Ted has to park his own car at a certain place every time he uses the car park.
His place is number 235.
There are 2 elevators there so it’s really easy and fast to go up to the necessary floor. Car park is guarded as well.
Unfortunately, next month the company will let just top managers park their cars so Ted won’t be able to use it anymore.
He will have to do it outside the building which is not so convenient.
Moreover,  there might not be enough car places.
Ted is sad.

Smoking room

Van is an inveterate smoker.
Luckily,  there is a smoking room at his office.
It is located not far from his workplace.
So, every now and then Van is going to have a smoke there.
The area of the room is pretty good.
It can fit in nearly 15 people.
Van likes it there.
He uses this room with his workmates who may smoke 2-3 times a day.
The room is located on another floor.
It takes him about 3 minutes to get there.
Van spends a few minutes and then gets back to work.
The walls of the room are made of glass.
It has no windows but a very efficient vent system.
It’s really nice that there is such a room and people don't smoke outside the building.

Food stand

Sammy is going shopping.
He has to get some food and beverages for the party he’s going to have tonight.
He is walking on the street and sees a stand.
This is a new food shop.
The produce stand says there are some good offers on beverages and sale on party supply goods.
Sammy is interested.
He comes into.
It’s so nice inside.
The ambiance is good.
Sammy looks for the items he needs.
They are cheaper than at another shop where he usually goes.
He decides to purchase all here.
He uses self-checkout and gets back home.
He is going to recommend the shop to his friends tonight.

Story NINE

Pete is going overseas.
Now he has to know all about the offers.
He is trying to search on the Internet.
There are a lot of offers. Ads look so attractive.
He is getting quite confused.
At last he closes all the tabs.
It’s too much even for him.
Pete gets a message on his mobile.
His mate has texted him.
He has just returned from a trip.
They meet up at a local bar later.
Pete listens to his mate’s story.
It does sound impressive.
Pete writes some useful information down.
He’s going to travel to the same place, too.
Pete gets a coupon from his mate that gives him 20% off the regular price.
He has to use until the end of the month.
It suits him perfectly.

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