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1. New supervisor

   Victoria is taking a new position. She has worked assiduously at the company for 6 months and impressed everyone there.
   Victoria is having an interview today. She was asked to come to room №107 at 3 pm. One of her bosses is waiting for her there. The aim for the meeting is to set the ground conditions for a new post. They are talking about the salary, bonuses, vacation period and some others. The negotiation is rather tough.
   Victoria would like to stand her ground and she really deserves it.
   2 hours later all the conditions are agreed. Victoria feels proud. She is going to have a doubled salary, more flexible schedule and a long vacation.
   She is going to be in charge of a large area and deal with great projects of the firm.


2. Teacher

   Andrew has just graduated from a university. He is a professional linguist and a teacher of German as a foreign language. He has attended several interviews this week. He is desperate to get the job.
   Today he is going on another one. The company offers a full-time job with a social package and free lunches. Andrew likes the proposal.
   He gets everything ready in advance and leaves his flat. The interview is appointed for 11 am. Andrew doesn’t want to be late. He takes a bus since the office of the company is located in 7 bus stops away from his home.
   He doesn’t feel nervous at all. He arrives on time and comes into the building. He goes to the reception desk to report about his coming. He is ready to pass the interview.


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