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Английский про еду

Story 1. A place to eat

Ann is starving. Her boyfriend Jack is really hungry as well. So, they are talking of where to eat now. Ann asks Jack of his preferences. Jack would like to go to a farmer’s market. They sell the best produce in the city there. Ann is not sure about that. She thinks of going to the regular supermarket though. Jack insists. He doesn’t like the vegetables at that shop. But Ann says she doesn't want to cook at all. So, finally, they decide to get some burgers. They are going to the nearest burger shop to grab a bite.

Story 2. Cooking

Betty is asking Sue to make a dinner for her sister tonight. Her sister is a bit fussy and eats just macaroni and cheese. Betty doesn't think it’s going to be a problem. But Sue doesn’t now how to cook them. Betty tries to explain that it’s really easy and that Sue should just follow the instructions on the box. Sue remembers that they have run out of instant macaronis and cheese. Betty suggest to cook them from scratch. Sue doesn’t know how to cook them from scratch either.
Betty tells her to cook the pasta, and mix it in cheese, milk, and butter. Sue doesn’t believe it can be that easy. Sue warns Betty if she burns the house it won’t be her fault.

Story 3. Recipe

Hope is trying to learn how to cook. She is fond of cooking on some new recipes. The other day she faced an interesting one on the Internet. Hope is looking through it at the moment. She needs to get some ingredients she doesn’t have at home. Hope orders everything online. They promise to deliver the foods in a few hours. Now she has got all here. She peels the vegetables and roasts some of them on a cooker. She chops and mixes the rest of the ingredients. It is going to take he half hour to complete the dish. Hope calls some of her mates and asks them to come and try out her dish. Everything is ready. The friends tuck in the dish. It tastes delicious. They really like it!

Story 4. Online shopping

Ann likes shopping. However, she doesn’t like going to the supermarkets. When she finishes her working day the shops in her neighborhood are usually crowded. She has to stay in line for hours. She prefers shopping online. Recently she has found out about a new service. They offer free delivery to her home. Now she is sitting in front of her laptop trying to pick some fresh fruits and vegetables. Ann also needs to buy some meat and dairy products. After she picks all the foods she pays them with her credit card. The shop employee calls her and confirms the delivery. He clarifies her an addressee and another information. In two hours the food is at her home and she can cook dinner.

Story 5. Drive through

Sam works far from his home. He starts his work in the morning. It takes him about one hour to get there. So he doesn’t have enough time to eat breakfast in the morning. He prefers having breakfast on his way to work. Luckily, there is a drive through right behind the corner of the building he lives in. Sam usually orders some fries, a burger with tomatoes and of course a large cappuccino with vanilla syrup. There is a line sometimes so Sam has to wait for a few minutes. He pays for his breakfast with his credit card and goes ahead. It will take him enough time to enjoy the meal.

Story 6. Lunch

Nancy is an office worker. She likes eating out. She prefers going to a nearby cafeteria. It is located not far from her office. She usually goes with her workmates there. It’s business lunch break so they have an hour or so to fill their boots. Nancy orders different dishes every time she comes to the cafeteria. The lunch contains a salad, some hot dish and a drink. Nancy picks a fresh salad today. She also orders some steak and chips. She will drink an orange juice. Her workmates make some order as well. They pay for the lunch when they eat it. They can walk for awhile after it.

Story 7. Party

There is going to be a party soon. Emily is in charge of it. She has to arrange the dishes and a venue. She is going to celebrate her birthday and planning to invite all her friends there. There are going to be about thirty people on the party so she has to do her best. She thinks she will pull her weight anyway. Emily is fond of such activities. She works along with her team. They are all professionals! Emily is working on the menu now. She wants the party meal to be of different cuisines. She decides on the chefs as well. The next step is the venue. It’s supposed to be a large one! Emily has got some places to choose from. She thinks of consulting her friend.

Story 8. Supper

Bob is coming home. He is planning his day tomorrow and thinking about his lunch time. He keeps a healthy life style so prefers eating homemade meals usually. Bob comes to the grocery store for buying some fresh ingredients for his tomorrow lunch. He buys some mushrooms and meat. While coming along the vegetable shelf Bob grabs some cucumbers and tomatoes. Bob is finally home. He can enjoy cooking on his own now. He slices meat and mushrooms. He is going to bake them in the oven as usual. He also makes fresh salad. It looks tasty. Bob puts all the meal into the food containers and places them in the fridge. The lunch is done. Bob feels satisfied.

Story 9. Ready meals

Antony works at the office. He has occupied a new position recently so he can't afford eating out. He gets so many calls and the meetings are rather tough. It's going on every day. Antony has a short lunch break and he decides to save more time. Every morning he picks out some ready meal at the nearby supermarket. That is a special one with only freshly made dishes cooked by a local chef. They have a great choice and Antony always finds something interesting for himself. Today he is taking some soup and fish'n'chips. He is trying to eat not more than a thousand calories so his body is in a good shape and he is always full.

Story 10. Baking

Megan likes cooking. She enjoys it so much that she never orders any ready meal. Tonight she is planning a healthy dinner. She ordered some rabbit meat and peeled potatoes. She has a bottle of nice olive oil. She is cooking it all in her professional oven. She slices potatoes and places meat on it. She adds some oil. Megan puts some herbs to make the dish really delicious. An hour later the meal is ready. It smells fantastic indeed. Megan sets the table and has a perfect dinner.

Story 10. A romantic breakfast

Stephen is married. He loves his wife so much. He likes doing some surprises for her. This morning he woke up pretty early and went to the supermarket at once. He made his choice on what to cook for their joint breakfast. He bought some bananas and whipped cream. He picked some berries like strawberries and blueberries. He dashed home before she would wake up and starting cooking. The dessert was really tasty. It looked gorgeous. Stephen made a fruit tea and woke his wife up. She was surprised as usual. They were eating together and enjoying the time.

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