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33 сказки о щенках и котятах. Часть 3

Story ONE

Kittens and puppies have come back to the Amazon.
They live in a Parrot Town now.
It is a usual evening.
Everyone is relaxed.
Suddenly Mario and Chuck see a moving light in the sky.
What is it?
They decide to find out and move towards the last sight of the light.
Apparently, it descended somewhere nearby in the jungle.
As the come closer they notice a spaceship that has landed on the ground.
There are three aliens staring at them from the inside.
The door of the ship opens and an alien is stepping down.

Story TWO

He starts talking but it’s not clear what he says at all.
His companion exits the ship and hands him a small thingy.
They push some buttons on it and the alien speaks again.
“Hello, dear friends! My name is Biba and I am here with my team because our ship broke down and we need to repair it now. We are from The Galaxy 5DTO”
Puppies and kittens cannot believe their eyes and keep silence for a while.
Then Mario steps ahead and welcomes their guests from another planet.
He invites them to visit the town and rest a bit after this unwanted accident.


Puppies and kittens are going back to the Parrot Town.
After the meeting with Aliens they want to help them out with the spaceship.
There is a really good mechanic in the Parrot Town who will definitely be able to repair the ship.
It is an old parrot with good skills.
Aliens are greeted with applause.
Nobody has seen such creatures before.
Puppies and kittens suggest to have a fest for the aliens’ arrival.
They show their new friends their home.
Aliens decide to live here for a while.
They have no choice indeed.

Story FOUR

The spaceship is repaired.
Today puppies and kittens are finally ready for the flight. It is going to be their first flight on a spaceship ever.
Mario and Chuck are learning how to to take off, operate the ship in the sky and land afterwards.
The aliens are here to help out.
They explain the details.
At last the ship is taking off.
Look! It’s going higher and higher.
Mario and Chuck are super pilots now.
They successfully land the sip in the middle of the meadow.
They underwent an exciting flight.

Story FIVE

Puppies and kittens are going to spend the nearest future with their friends aliens. The aliens went back to their home but returned sometime later.
They returned in a bigger ship to take puppies and kittens with them.
It’s a huge spacecraft that can take a lot of stuff in it.
Puppies and kittens board the ship and take their seats.
They all have a chance to look out the windows.
It looks wonderful.
There are planets, meteors and others.
Puppies and kittens are leaving the Milky Way.
It is so far from their home now.

Story SIX

Today is another amazing day!
Puppies and kittens are traveling to a new world.
Their friends Aliens are happy about that.
They are missing out the home.
This is the edge of the universe.
Puppies and kittens have never been so far before.
The aliens warn them to hold tight because now they are ready for a hyper jump.
All of them take their seats and fasten the seat belts.
The aliens set the ship for the jump.
A second later they appear in a new universe.
This is so beautiful!
Puppies and kittens are going to see the aliens’ home soon!


Finally, everybody has arrived at the home planet.
This place is called Trobogah.
Puppies and kittens are really surprised.
Alien world has more developed technologies.
They live in quiet a different style.
Aliens use flying cars here.
Their homes are floating in the air.
And the planet’s surface is not suitable for living on it.
Puppies and kittens try to get used to it. But it’s really hard!
Aliens show their new home.
It’s a multi storey building erecting right into the sky!


Today puppies and kittens take part in a new attraction for them..
It is called a teleport.
Aliens developed this technology many years ago and now are using it to transport themselves around the galaxy.
Puppies and kittens enter a platform inside a round pipe.
It starts lighting.
And suddenly everyone disappear from here.
At the same moment all the puppies and kittens turn up in a new place.
They feel a bit nausea.
But all in all it’s all fun!

Story NINE

Puppies and kittens are going to visit a new planet.
Aliens have just discovered it recently.
It is located 2 billion miles away.
So they will have to use a hyper jump again.
When they arrive they can see a wonderful planet.
It is rosy.
It looks gorgeous.
The planet is covered with huge trees that are everywhere.
Puppies and kittens decide to land and explore everything closer.
They notice one unusual spot in the deep forest.
They are going there to check it out.

Story TEN

Aliens can’t find their friends puppies and kittens!
What’s happened?
After they went to a rosy planet nobody saw puppies and kittens.
Now aliens are planning a rescue operation.
They have to find their friends.
Aliens use their new development.
It’s a special animal locator.
With its help aliens find out that their friends are captured.
They got into a trap.
And now puppies and kittens are at the enemy’s place.
It is aliens’ old enemy called Octoman from the Octopus planet.
What is going to happen next?


Puppies and kittens are hostagees.
Someone named Octoman kidnapped them and is holding at his shelter now.
Chuck and Mario are thinking over an escape plan.
They have no idea of what to do.
They can only hope that their friends Aliens would somehow help them.
Suddenly a teleport passageway opens right in front of puppies and kittens.
They can go into it now. Puppies and kittens come into the passageway.
They come back to Aliens who helped them escape.


Puppies and kittens have just come back.
Suddenly they hear a loud noise.
This is Octoman.
He decided to attack Aliens.
Puppies and kittens want to help out.
They all get the shields and rayguns.
Puppies and kittens shoot drones that Octoman sent to attach them.
Aliens try to turn on the force field.
They can’t do it because one of the mechanisms has broken down.
Mario is going there to fix it.
He is in a hazmat suit.
Aliens try to back him up.
Finally, the thing is repaired and the force field is on.
All the drones fall down.
Puppies and kittens are celebrating the Victory!


Puppies and kittens are taking part in planning a new battle.
Aliens don’t want to wait for a new attack from Octoman and decide to attack themselves.
They are thinking over a place to start.
Puppies and kittens are helping.
The plan is hard. And they spend a night over it.
By the morning it is ready.
They are going to gather the main forces and attack the Octoman.
Besides, they are going to call their far relatives and use their help in the battle.
Everyone is getting nervous about it.
Puppies and kittens are checking the weapon and the spacecrafts which they will fly tomorrow.
The battle starts at 6 am.


It is 6. It is still dark outside.
Puppies and kittens are boarding the spacecrafts.
They feel proud of themselves.
They can help their friends Aliens.
They have completed a preparation course.
The chief commander Alien orders to start.
Puppies and kittens in their spacecrafts depart.
They make a triangle and jump close to the Octoplanet.
Aliens follow them.
A second later they come to their enemy’s planet. But!
There is no one here.
What’s happened?
Puppies and kittens don’t understand anything.


Puppies and kittens are frustrated.
They get the order from Aliens to get back.
All of them turn their ships back to the base point.
They are coming back unhappy.
Oh no! What’s going on here?
Octoman trapped Aliens.
He somehow knew of their plan.
He teleported to Alien’s home and now they are all hostaged.
It’s puppies and kittens’ turn to help their friends.
They know what to do.
Aliens told puppies and kittens what to do in this case.
They are using teleport to come to Aliens.


Puppies and kittens are here.
They can see Aliens from afar.
They are preparing all the necessary equipment.
They are going to rescue Aliens in no time.
Where is Octoman?
He seems to be busy with something else.
Meanwhile, puppies and kittens are almost done with the equipment.
They set it up.
Mario presses the button and all gets dark.
What’s going on?
Puppies and kittens could do it.
Now they are with their friends Aliens.
The only thing is that they don’t know where they are.

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