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33 сказки о щенках и котятах. Часть 2


Kittens and puppies are in a big trouble.
The volcano on their island woke up yesterday.
There is a smoke over it.
Kittens and puppies are very scared.
They want to go away.
They are building a ship now.
They want to sail away.
Kittens and puppies are constructing the ship from the wood.
It is quite difficult.
They build it every day.
After 2 months the ship is ready and they all board it.
They do it just in time.
Look! The volcano is erupting.
They are sailing away!
They need to find a new place to live in.

Story TWO

The ocean is so large.
Puppies and kittens sail on their ship.
They are looking for a new home.
Mario is their captain.
He is brave and strong.
It is the morning.
He can see a dark sky.
It is going to storm.
Puppies and kittens hide inside the ship.
The ocean isn’t quite.
The waves hit the ship.
Puppies and kittens are scared.
They want to come to the land.
Suddenly the ship stops.
They go out and see that they are on the land.


Mario is going to the land.
Others are waiting.
They don’t know this place.
It may be dangerous.
Mario and Chuck go ahead.
They can see a forest.
It is thick and dark.
They decide to start a camp here.
All puppies and kittens are on a beach now.
The sand is soft and the water is so warm.
They go swimming.
After swimming puppies and kittens come back and start a fire.
They cook soup and make tea.
Now they feel cold.
The is going to be chilly.
They need to get ready.

Story FOUR

The night was quiet.
Kittens and puppies were sleeping all night long.
They dreamt of a new home.
Suddenly they hear a loud noise.
Mario and Chuck wake up first.
They ask the others to come back into the ship.
They see a giant.
He is going to them.
He looks mean and hungry.
Puppies and kittens are running back into the ship.
They don’t want to be eaten.
They are crying.
Mario and Chuck decide to attack the giant.
They are throwing some stones into him.
One hits his eye.
The giant runs away.
Puppies and kittens sail away too.

Story FIVE

Puppies and kittens sail again.
They need to find a home because the volcano erupted on their island.
Today they saw another ship in the ocean.
Now they want to get to it and find somebody there.
Mario and 5 kittens go to the other ship.
Others wait.
Two hours pass but they don’t return.
Puppies and kittens feel very nervous and scared.
Chuck says that he will go to save Mario.
He chooses 4 kittens and puppies and they go to the ship.
He says that he will come back in an hour.

Story SIX

Chuck is walking on the board of the ship.
Others follow him.
They can see a stairs going down into the centre of the ship.
They are stepping down.
Chuck can hear some voices.
When they come to the bottom they are really surprised.
Mario and his team are in one of the rooms.
They are lying and eating some sweets.
The room is full of these sweets.
Chuck tells everyone to not eat any of it.
They are pulling Mario and other kittens and puppies out onto the board and come back to their ship.
Chuck orders to sail away as fast as possible!


The ship with kittens and puppies is sailing in the ocean!
Days pass by.
Today shipboy can see the land again.
Now puppies and kittens are not scared.
They don’t know what to wait.
The ship lands.
Puppies and kittens go out.
They can see a high mountains ahead.
The mountains look great.
Chuck and Mario think to climb up the mountains and see what is there.
They prepare the gear to do it.
Everybody feels excited.
Finally, everything is ready.
Puppies and kittens go towards the mountains.


Finally, the mountains are behind.
It was quite hard.
But look! What is there ahead?
Kittens and puppies have never seen such a great wall!
It looks like it has no beginning and no end.
They can see a tower in one place.
Puppies and kittens go there.
Suddenly a cat appears at the top.
He orders them to stop.
Mario and Chuck step forward to talk to a cat-stranger.
They tell him their story.
They ask for help.
The cat throws a ladder.
They all go up.

Story NINE

They didn’t know but arrived at China.
And now they are going to meet with a Chinese emperor.
It’s so interesting.
They are going to a great palace where the emperor is located.
The meeting starts early morning.
Puppies and kittens are ready.
The emperor listens to their story.
He is so surprised.
He didn’t expect that.
He orders to help puppies and kittens.
And they get a big house with a lot of rooms.
After that puppies and kittens have an excursion across the city.
They are amazed.
They want to spend some time here.

Story TEN

5 months have passed since puppies and kittens arrived at China.
They settled there.
But more and more often some of them ask for a new travel.
Mario and Chuck decide to do it.
They ask the Emperor about it and he orders to construct a great new ship for their new travel.
Besides, he gives them secret maps of the pacific ocean.
Puppies and kittens are sailing away again.
They had a very good time there and want new adventures.
This time they are going to come to a new land of America!
Good bye, China!
Goodbye, the great Emperor!


Puppies and kittens are sailing in the Pacific ocean.
Everywhere you look you can see water alone.
It’s green and blue.
It’s quite and calm.
Puppies and kittens use their compass.
They don’t want to lose their way.
Puppies and kittens check the way on the stars in the sky.
Mario and Chuck know how to do it.
At night puppies and kittens can have a rest.
They sleep right on the deck.
It’s so warm.
They talk of their new adventures.
Ten days pass and they arrive at America.
They feel excited.
They wait for new meetings.


At last! Puppies and kittens are landing.
They have to put all their stuff out to the shore.
The place looks quiet.
It’s really peaceful here.
Puppies and kittens are going to head straight.
Suddenly they hear some screams!
Who is there?
Puppies and kittens can see some dogs on the horses.
They wear hats and carry rifles.
They seem to be dangerous.
Puppies and kittens go back to the water.
They are trapped.
They are scared and desperate.
One of the cowboys comes ahead.
He starts talking.


‘Who are you? And what are you doing here?’ – he says.
Mario and Chuck walk ahead as well.
They explain the cowboys everything.
The cowboys look suspicious.
They ask everyone to follow them to the nearest town.
Puppies and kittens start off.
It takes them ages to get to the place.
Finally, they arrive.
The town where the cowboys live is really small.
There are just two streets and a few houses.
The mayor of the town is quite old.
He welcomes all of them and asks to join the party.


It’s the fest!
Puppies and kittens like parties and fun.
There is a celebration it the town.
One hundred years ago the first cowboy built the first house on this land.
It was really difficult but he did it.
A few years later other cowboys came here and started their new life.
Puppies and kittens are eating delicious dishes and having tasty drinks.
After they finish puppies and kittens go outside and take part in some contest.
They even win some prizes.
They were scared before but the town looks really friendly.


Puppies and kittens have stayed for a month at a cowboys’ town.
It’s time to go ahead.
They are getting ready for the next trip now.
It’s going to take them a while but they are looking forward to it.
Finally, in the morning they are departing.
They move on the road that runs to the East. They go farther into the mainland.
The trip is really tiring.
All of the puppies and kittens feel exhausted after a week time.
They trip on a desert.
The sun is blazing!
The air is hot!
It looks like a disaster!


A few weeks later.
Puppies and kittens have arrived at a new location.
It’s been the hardest trip ever.
There is a large lake in front of them.
It is shimmering.
Puppies and kittens decide to settle here for a while.
They put tents and make the fires.
They want to have a rest and do nothing.
Mario and Chuck are going to explore the area around the lake.
They want to make sure that everything is safe here.
The others are going to fish, cook, swim.
They deserve it.
This is the first quiet day after long trip.


Puppies and kittens have settled at a new place.
It looks like their home before.
They have constructed some huts and explored the area.
Their life is so quiet for the first time after all the adventures.
Today they have some guests.
The Indians arrived.
Their group doesn’t look dangerous.
They want to meet and introduce themselves.
Puppies and kittens are really glad that they have got such neighbours.
The ceremony will be held tonight.
The Reds want to make friends with puppies and kittens.


Puppies and kittens live next to the Indians.
They do a lot of stuff together.
They like hunting so much.
The Indians just showed puppies and kittens a new location.
It is not so far from the place they live in.
Puppies and kittens prepared the photo guns.
They also prepared some other things.
Now they are going to the forest.
They are going to photohunt!
They like the animals and don’t want to kill them.
They want to make a collage and put the pictures on the walls.
Puppies and kittens will teach the Indians a new activity.


After a few months time puppies and kittens understand that this is a good place ever.
Though, they want to go somewhere else.
What would that be?
Puppies and kittens decide to go to the south.
They say “Goodbye” to the Reds.
They know there is a second America there.
Mario and Chuck lead them all.
They get their wagons ready and start off in the morning.
The way goes through the valleys and mountains.
It’s going to be an exciting adventure.


Puppies and kittens arrived at the coast.
They are ready to start off.
They hire a ship to sail away.
It is a few-deck ship.
It looks really cool from the outside.
Puppies and kittens are boarding it.
The have to stock up everything they will need for a voyage.
They take a lot of comestibles and water.
The ocean looks quiet.
Mario and Chuck decide to depart tomorrow.
Tonight they are going to enjoy the evening and have a swim.
They meet the locals and have fun together.
A long trip is waiting for them. It is going to take them a few weeks.


They are sailing.
The sea looks friendly today.
A pod of dolphins is following the ship.
The water is blue and transparent.
Puppies and kittens have to build a route to a new location.
They use a compass and check their direction all the time.
Mario and Chuck look ahead through their spy glasses.
The others help manage the ship.
They put up the sails, clean the decks and execute other orders.
Puppies and kittens are going to arrive at the Amazonia soon.
They are looking forward to it.


It looks just out the world!
Puppies and kittens have never seen such a wide river.
It is really like an ocean.
Mario and Chuck enter its delta and are going to sail ahead until something suitable comes along.
They see pink dolphins.
It is a wonderful place indeed.
Lianes are surrounding the river at its sides.
Puppies and kittens decide to have a stop here.
They anchor the ship and land.
They are going to have a camp nearby and explore the area better.


Lucky them!
The spot puppies and kittens selected is a real wonder.
There are all colors flowers and trees around.
But the best thing is that there is a parrot town here.
They settled it here a while ago and now it looks like an enormous village with lots of nests everywhere.
Puppies and kittens want to make friends.
They meet the mayor of the Parrot Town now.
They welcome puppies and kittens and help them settle as well.
A huge guest nest is currently puppies and kittens’ home for some time.


A few months passed and puppies and kittens feel their feet here.
They are going on an exploration tour today.
They have been preparing for a long time.
One old parrot told them a story about a treasure hidden in the deep forest somewhere near.
Puppies and kittens like searching for some treasure.
But there is one big.
No! Anaconda is guarding this treasure from everyone.
Puppies and kittens are not scared, though.
They need to invent a plan!
They want to catch the Anaconda if it really exists and bring the treasure.
They believe their plan is going to work out!


Puppies and kittens are moving slowly.
They have entered the deepest part of the forest here.
It’s hard to go ahead!
They know they are very close to the destination.
They can see some signs on the trees around.
Puppies and kittens follow them.
There is a cave in front of them now.
It looks scary.
Marion and Chuck go into it.
They want to know what is inside.
Puppies and kittens have a torch.
They can use it to explore the cave.
They move ahead further and further.
The cave has a tunnel leading to a chamber.
They enter the chamber…


Puppies and kittens are in the chamber.
It’s quite dark inside and they feel unhappy about that.
There is a tomb in the middle of the chamber.
It is made of stone.
Mario and Chuck are opening it now.
They see the treasure in it.
Puppies and kittens are taking all the treasure out of the tomb.
Suddenly, it all starts quaking.
They have to escape.
The ceiling is falling down.
The walls are crashing as well.
Puppies and kittens are running out of the chamber.
They are running through the tunnel.
But it’s crashing too.
Will they survive?


Puppies and kittens are going back with their treasure.
They did it.
They decide to have a camp for awhile as the journey was really tiring.
They are putting tents and making the fire.
They are going to have a picnic here.
When the night comes they don’t put out the fire.
The rainforest sounds scary, scarier than in the afternoon.
Puppies and kittens arrange the posts around the camp and guard it in turns.
Mario and Chuck are talking of the next step of their travel.
They feel like all of them need to go somewhere else.


Puppies and kittens are leaving.
They have a plan and they follow it.
The next destination is Antarctica.
It can’t be more interesting and exciting.
Puppies and kittens are going to reach the South Pole as well.
They will concur this point.
Now Marion and Chuck need to get everything ready.
They have got a lot of help from the parrots.
Parrots are helping with provision and transportation.
Puppies and kittens are intending to depart in 3 weeks.
They are looking forward to this moment so much!


Puppies and kittens are departing at last.
They have arrived at the Southern point of the continent.
Their ship is waiting for them here.
It is the latest version.
It is made of not wood but some strong alloy that is resistant to cold.
The ship is equipped with some modern purks as well.
It is going to pass through the glaciers easily.
Puppies and kittens have got a perfect heat system on board so they can’t get frozen even if the weather gets too nasty.
Mario and Chuck ordered some snow cycles as well.


Puppies and kittens are in the ocean.
Look at that!
It’s a glacier.
It looks enormous.
The ice is sparkling on the sun.
Puppies and kittens decide to land it as soon as possible.
They have got a special sort of equipment for that.
They pull it closer to their ship and step on it.
They are heading to the middle.
Blimey! What is this?
There is a group of penguins over there.
They meet the penguins.
They are telling a story of their accident when the glacier cracked and took them here.
They want to go home!


Puppies and kittens and their new friends penguins are sailing towards Antarctica. Mario and Chuck feel proud that they could help out.
Today they arrive at the cost of Antarctica and settle down a camp.
Penguins cannot say where exactly they lie so puppies and kittens will need to search for the penguins location.
They are planning to do it tomorrow.
Penguins are sharing the useful information about local weather and some threats from the wildlife.
Puppies and kittens are getting ready for tomorrow trip.
They have to find penguin town.


Puppies and kittens have arrived at the Penguin Town.
There are a lot of penguins living here.
The penguins from the glacier told the locals how puppies and kittens saved them.
The chief penguin hands them the key from the Town.
Puppies and kittens tell about their mission to get to the South Pole.
Penguins are ready to help!
It will be a harsh trip there.
This time of their the weather is really nasty.
Penguins tell puppies and kittens about the safest route to the Pole.
Marion and Chuck listen attentively.


It was really hard to get here.
But here it is. The South Pole.
Puppies and kittens have put their flag here.
They did it.
Mario and Chuck are standing here with their brothers and sisters.
They couldn’t envisage that they would ever be here.
Puppies and kittens feel out of the world.
They don’t know where they are going to go next but they are sure it will be soon. Marion and Chuck order to come back.
Their plan is to stay with the Penguins for a while.

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