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33 сказки о щенках и котятах

Уже не первый год наши ученики совершенствуют свой английский, читая эти увлекательные рассказы про щенков и котят на уроках в нашей школе.
Читайте и вы.  А также слушайте на английском языке.

Сделано в Lewis Foreman School.

Story 1. KITTENS

Kittens live on the large island. They have got a large family. They have got a mother. They have got a father. There are twenty of them. There are boys and girls. Every day they have a lot of fun. They run and jump. They swim and dive. It's warm and sunny every day. Kittens go for a walk. They visit a lake on the island. They have a good time. They are happy. They like to play together. They help their mother and father. They love their large family.

Story 2. PUPPIES

Puppies live on the little island. They have got a little family. They have got a mother. They have got a father. There are ten of them. There are seven girls and one boy. They like to spend time together.
They like running and jumping. They like chasing butterflies. The weather is good. In the morning puppies' family have breakfast together. They like drinking milk. They like eating bones. They are happy.


One day a kitten Chuck goes to the big water. He can see the second island. He wants to go there. Chuck finds a big log. He sails on it. The waves move the log to the island. He comes to the island. Oh no! Who is that? It is a puppy. Chuck is surprised. Chuck goes to the puppy. He wants to speak to him. He wants to know who he is.


A boy puppy likes to have fun. After breakfast puppy Mario goes for a walk. He is alone. He likes to be alone. He goes to the big water.
He can see some animal. The animal goes to him. Mario is afraid.
He doesn't know who it is. The animal says hello to Mario. This is a kitten. Puppy Mario has never seen kittens before. They make friends.


After the meeting Mario and Chuck go back to the kittens' island. Chuck wants to meet Mario with his family. Mario wants to meet other kittens. They come to Chuck's home. Chuck's mother and father are glad to see Mario. They all make friends. It is evening. It is late. Mario has to come back home. He sails on the log to his island. He wants to tell about kittens.


Puppy Mario comes back. He tells his family about kittens. Now they all want to see kittens. Next day puppies' family sail to the kittens' island all together. They take some tasty food from their island.
When they arrive kittens are waiting for them. They are glad to see puppies' family. They talk about their families. They talk about their lives.


Now puppies and kittens go to see each other every day. They spend time together. Puppies like to be on the kittens' island. Kittens like to be on the puppies' island. Their islands are different. There are a lot of different things there. Puppies like the lake on the kittens' island. Kittens like the waterfall on the puppies' island. They are happy.

Story 8. STORM

Puppies and kittens go to the lake today. They swim and dive. They have fun. They spend all day there. In the evening puppies sail back to their island. It starts raining. The rain is heavy. It turns into a storm. Puppies sail on the log. The waves are strong. The log with puppies turns over. They are in danger.


Puppies are in danger. But kittens have got a boat now. They sail to puppies. They want to help them. They sail fast. Puppies cannot swim well. Kittens come to puppies. They help them to board their boat.
Now puppies are safe. They sail back. They spend this night together. Puppies and kittens sleep together.


Today it is Mario's birthday. Everyone is happy about it. They prepare a surprise for him. Mario doesn't know about the surprise. Puppies and kittens cook his favourite meal. Puppies and kittens prepare a lot of presents. They will give their gifts on the party. The party will take place on the kittens' island. They will have a lot of fun. Mario will like it.

Story  11. FISHING

Today puppies and kittens go fishing together. They prepare their fishing rods. They prepare worms. They prepare buckets. They go to the lake. There are a lot of fish there. Puppies and kittens fish all day long. They catch small fish. They catch big fish. When their buckets are full they go back home.

Story  12. HIDE AND SEEK

Puppies and kittens like to play outdoor games. Their favourite game is hide and seek. Today puppies hide and kittens seek for puppies. Puppies hide in the bushes. Puppies hide in the trees. Puppies hide in the holes. Kittens find all the puppies. They have a lot of fun. After hide and seek puppies and kittens go back home. They have lunch together.

Story  13. COOKING

Today puppies and kittens want to cook something tasty. They want to cook a cake. They prepare all ingredients. They ask their mothers for help. They cook the cake together. In two hours the cake is ready.
It is really tasty. It is so nice. Puppies and kittens eat the cake. They drink juice and milk. They liked to cook together. They feel happy.

Story 14. PICNIC

Today puppies and kittens go for a walk together. They go the forest.
They want to play and have fun. They want to have picnic in the forest too. They have got sandwiches and juice. They play near the lake. Then puppies and kittens have lunch. They eat sandwiches. They drink juice.

Story 15. HEDGEHOG

Today puppies and kittens meet an interesting animal in the forest. They have never seen it before. They feed the animal. They give milk and apples to it. Then puppies and kittens go back home. The animal goes with them. They ask parents about the animal. It is a hedgehog.
It is their friend now.

Story 16. SWING

Puppies and kittens have got a new construction. Their fathers built it for them. It is a swing. It has got a board to sit. It has got ropes. The swing hangs between two trees. Puppies and kittens swing in turns. There is a long line for the swing now. It is fun. It is nice.

Story 17. GARDEN

Puppies and kittens have got a garden. It is large. There are many trees in it. There are apple-trees, pear-trees and plum-trees there. The garden is nice. It has got a lot of flowers. They are red, yellow and pink. Puppies and kittens water the flowers. Puppies and kittens plant new flowers. Puppies and kittens like their garden.

Story 18. BICYCLE

Today puppies and kittens get a parcel. It is very big. Puppies and kittens want to know what is inside. They unwrap the parcel. It is a bicycle. It is red and blue. Puppies and kittens are happy. They learn how to ride the bicycle. They ride the bicycle in turns. It is very fun. They ride the bicycle all the day. They are happy.

Story 19. BOOK

Puppies and kittens like to read books. They have got a lot of books at home. They read books in the evening. They get a new book today. There are a lot of pictures in it. It is very interesting. The book is about adventures. Puppies and kittens read the book all the evening.
After they finish they go to bed and sleep.

Story 20. LESSON

Every day puppies and kittens study together. Today they have got a writing lesson. They learn how to write. They have got writing papers.
They practise a lot. They like to study. They like to do the writing papers. They can write very well now. After the lesson kittens and puppies get a lot of candy. They are happy.

Story 21. FLIGHT

It is morning. The weather is good. The sun is shining. There are no clouds in the sky. Today puppies and kittens are flying in the air balloon. It is very interesting. They get on the air balloon. They take off. They feel excited. The flight is so cool. Puppies and kittens like to fly in the air balloon.

Story 22. SNOW

Every year winter comes to the islands. It gets colder and colder.
Leaves fall. Puppies and kittens wake up in the morning. They look out of the window. Wow! Everything is white. It started snowing at night. And now snow is everywhere. Puppies and kittens are going outside after the breakfast.

Story 23. SKIES

It is still snowing. Snow is everywhere. Puppies and kittens go to the forest. They have got new skies. They like skiing. They go skiing together. The sun is very bright. Puppies and kittens have fun. Puppies and kittens ski all day long. They feel tired. They are hungry and go back home. They have lunch together. They feel happy.

Story 24. MATCH

Puppies and kittens like to play football. They play football every week. Puppies and kittens have football teams. They have a football match today. Puppies play versus kittens. Kittens play versus puppies.
They feel excited. Puppies and kittens run and kick the ball. They like it. They play football all day long.

Story 25. DIVING

Puppies and kittens like to dive. They go to the big water and dive. Puppies and kittens have got aqualungs. They have got goggles. Puppies and kittens dive deep. They can overlook sea animals. They can see water plants. Everything is so interesting. Puppies and kittens dive all day long. Puppies and kittens go back home.


Today puppies and kittens get a new photo camera. They want to take pictures of each other. They go to the lake. Puppies and kittens pose.
They take pictures of the lake. They take pictures of the forest. They take pictures of different animals. They feel excited. They want to put photos in the frames.

Story 27. TV–SET

Puppies and kittens have got a TV-set. It has got a wide screen. They like watching films and cartoons. Puppies and kittens gather round in the sitting-room. They watch a cartoon. They drink juice. They eat popcorn. Puppies and kittens have good time together. Puppies and kittens feel happy.

Story 28. ORDER

Puppies and kittens like an order. They put the things in order in their rooms. They put toys into the boxes. They put books onto the shelves in their book-case. Puppies and kittens always know where their things are. Puppies and kittens never lose their things. They like it. Their mothers and fathers like it too.

Story 29. PET

Today puppies and kittens get a new pet. It is a parrot. It is green and blue. It is small. It lives in the cage. It eats grains and grass. Puppies and kittens feed it. Puppies and kittens take care of the parrot. It is their friend now. The parrot is very funny. It can fly. It chirps all day long. Puppies and kittens love their parrot.

Story 30. MOON

Puppies and kittens like to watch the Moon. It is very high in the sky. It is very big. It is very far. Every night puppies and kittens gather round and sit outside. They look up in the sky. The Moon is shining. The sky is dark and clear. Puppies and kittens drink tea and talk. Then puppies and kittens go to bed and fall asleep.

Story 31. RAINBOW

It stopped raining. Now there is a rainbow in the sky. It has got different colors. They are blue, green, red, yellow, violet. Puppies and kittens watch the rainbow. They put on their boots and go outside. They like the rainbow. It is really beautiful. Puppies and kittens feel happy. They will remember it.

Story 32. SHELL

Today puppies and kittens go to the shore. They like to spend time there. They look for a shell. They want to collect different shells. Puppies and kittens find small shells. Puppies and kittens find big shells. The shells are heavy.  Puppies and kittens put the shells into the basket and go back home.

Story 33. KITE

Today puppies and kittens construct a kite. They want to fly it in the air. Puppies and kittens cut the kite out of paper. They glue the paper parts together. They have got a rope too. They fix the rope to the kite.
Now it is done. Puppies and kittens go to the plane place. The wind takes the kite high in the air. Puppies and kittens fly the kite in turns.

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