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Story 1. Preparation

Frank is looking forward to celebrating the new year. Its coming soon. Already next week. He was thinking over the party for a while. And now all is prepared to have the blast. Frank bought all the stuff beforehand. He visited a big mall for that and spent a lot of money. He invited his best friends to the party as well. There are going to be a lot of people there. The party is going to be the best one.

Story 2. Christmas

George is looking forward to celebrating Christmas soon. The holiday is just in s fee days. This year his family is coming over to see his place and him as well. George sent an invitation later month cause he is really missing them all. He works as a representative of a large company on another town that is 20 miles away. So he cannot see them really often. His family is rather large and about 10 relatives will be at his home now. George arranged all the best. He also prepared some gifts that everybody is going to like.

Story 3. Birthday party

Amily is going to turn 21 next week. She is so happy. It has been her dream for a while. So now she wants to make it quite memorable. All her friends are going to see her and congratulate with this occasion. Amily booked a nearby restaurant. This is the best venue in her neighborhood. She arranged the meal and everything. It's going to be a perfect blast.

Story 4. Wedding party

Jeff and Barbara are getting married. They have been dating for 3 years and now it's time to have this serious step. Their parents are helping them with the ceremony so everything should go well indeed. They have already invited all the guests, their friends and family members. There are going to be about a hundred people there.
The venue can fit all of them. Their friend runs one of the best restaurants in this location so he has kindly agreed to help them with the meals. Jeff and Barbara will really enjoy the day.

Story 5. The profession day

Henry works as a miner in a large mining company. It's his dream job so he enjoys everything. Tomorrow is going to be a big celebration. It's a miner's day. The company has decided to organize a big event with awards for the best employees from the stuff. Henry is one of the nominates for the award. He really deserves it as he has worked so assiduously for the last 5 years. He is definitely going to win it. The event is followed by a nice party with a lot of meals and buzz.

Story 6. Anniversary day

Tomorrow is a big day. Nancy and Bob have been married for 25 years already. They have lived a great time together. It's been full of good and bad events but all in all they've been happy through all the time.
Nancy and Bob have phoned their children and expecting them all in their beautiful home. Nancy has cooked some delicious food and baked a tasty cake for the dessert. Bob has prepared a lot of photos they can watch through the evening. He has also picked out some videos of the memorable occasions for watching them together. Nancy and Bob feel excited and hope everything will go perfect as usual.

Story 7. Joint day off

Today is a family day at the Browns family. They all are waiting for a pleasant time and a lot of positive emotions from this day. They are now going to a local mall which provides a full range of entertainments there. The place is really good. There are a lot of cafes and places for fun. The family enters one of them. It's full of stuff for kids. The parents order some meals and drinks. The kids are having a fun time together. After 4 hours all of them are pleased indeed with the day. They are driving home and talking of the passed time. They feel excited and tired.

Story 8. A graduation day

Mick has just completed his course of studying. It has been a long way full of challenges and difficulties, success and sometimes failures. But the day has come. It's a nice date for him. He can now continue his self realization. He decided to organize a kind of a party to celebrate this step of his life. He invited some of his best friends to be with him on such a wonderful day. They were with him during this study and know all about this hard time. The party is going to take place at his home of course. Mick ordered some pizza and buzz.

Story 9. Honeymoon

Stephen and Ashley are just married. The wedding ceremony was yesterday. And today it's the first day of their honeymoon. They are going to the Maldives. They bought a tour there long before the wedding, chose the best location and conditions for them. The flight is in 2 hours and they have already arrived at the airport. The way there is not so long. It is going to take them about 5 hours only. The 2 weeks are going to be really fun and exciting. They have prepared a fantastic program full of the best options this spot can offer them.

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