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1. Looking for a job
2. Arranging an interview
3. Interview
4. Getting acquainted
5. The first deal
6. Negotiating
7. Promotion
8. New project
9. Performance review
10. New partner

Story 1. Looking for a job

Amandah is searching for a job. She graduated from a university three months ago. And now she is looking forward to working somewhere nice. She has placed her CV on the Internet. At the moment she is surfing for some offers on the specialized sites devoted to jobs. Amandah wants to have a full-time job and earn a lot of money. She thinks of making a career and taking a senior position in future. She feels confident and excited. She will definitely get a job!

Story 2. Arranging an interview

This morning Amandah got a call from a company that had noticed her resume. Amandah talked to an HR manager. She answered some questions and they agreed to have a meeting next week. They made an appointment on Tuesday.  Amandah will have to arrive at 9am. The office is located not far from her home. Amandah wrote down all necessary information. She would like to work at this company and hopes to pass the interview.

Story 3. Interview

It is Amanda's interview today. She is a little bit nervous. She's got everything ready in advance. Amandah is riding on a bus. The office of the company is located on the tenth floor of a large business centre. Amandah comes to a reception desk. The receptionist takes her to a meeting room. The interview starts on time. The interviewer asks a lot of questions. They are about her education, experience, skills and personal activities. Amandah does her best.

Story 4. Getting acquainted

Amandah has got the job. Today is her first working day. She feels happy. She has a meeting with her new boss. He is going to introduce her with other employees. Amandah is going to work at a sales department. There are thirty people there. The supervisor introduces her to other workmates. Amandah is greeted warmly. She is at her working place now. She is really excited. She is going to forward a letter to her new colleagues. She will text some greeting words. She likes it here.

Story 5. The first deal

Amandah has finally settled in. She is feeling her feet now. She faces different situations daily. Today she is in for a deal. It's her first one at this company. Amandah has taken an order from a new customer. She has answered all his questions. The client places an order. Amandah is writing down all the details. She is all ears. She would like to do her best. The deal isn't going to be very hard. Amandah prepares an invoice and forwards it to the customer.

Story 6. Negotiating

Well, Amandah is facing a little trouble. She doesn't know what to do.
Something in her deal has gone wrong. And now she has to overcome these difficulties. The customer has got some new requirements. Amandah doesn't really know the specifics. She goes to her chief. He'll definitely help her out. The boss recommends her to hold a meeting and negotiate with this buyer. He explains her all details and now Amandah feels really confident. She makes an appointment with the customer.

Story 7. Promotion

Some time has passed. Amandah has got the hang of everything. She clinches deals every day. She has been the employee of the month for half year. Her bosses are really proud of her. They decide to create a new department and put her in charge. Amandah doesn't expect that at all. Today she takes part in a gathering. She is promoted. Her supervisor congratulates her. And at the moment they are discussing about details of the position.

Story 8. New project

So, Amandah is dealing with new tasks now. She is a big cheese at the company. Yesterday she had a meeting with her co-workers. They were discussing about some urgent work. Amandah would like to launch a new project. She described the key moments. Besides, she allocated tasks among the employees. She also assigned two people for the top positions in the project. Amandah hopes it' ll work out.

Story 9. Performance review

Some time has passed again. Amandah has asked her team to prepare for a performance review. It is going to be on Thursday. Amandah is planning to find out the figures on the project that she launched several months ago. She is going to compare them with the ones she expected. After that Amandah will make some analysis. It will help to understand what they have achieved and what else they can do.

Story 10. New partner

Amandah has got a call recently. It was three days ago.  A man phoned her with an interesting offer. So now she is thinking over it. The man suggested to organize some joint event. It will definitely help to attract new prospects. Amandah is calculating the figures at the moment. She has to cope with that perfectly. The event is going to happen next month.

1. New job
2. Offer
3. Interview
4. New marketing executive
5. Success
6. Doubled
7. Partnership
8. Deal
9. New horizons
10. Prosper

Story 1. New job

John is thinking of changing a place of work. He has been working at the same company for 3 years. At the moment he has reached all here. He can't make a career anymore. John has placed a CV on the Internet. He is seeking for a position of a marketing executive. He has got enough experience and relevant skills for that. This week he has got several calls. However, the offers are not good enough. John will be waiting for a better proposal. He is sure he'll get the best one.

Story 2. Offer

Last night John got a call from a famous company. They agreed to have an appointment the next week. John feels excited. The offer is really interesting. The company offers a better salary and a flexible schedule. The interview is appointed on Monday. It'll take place in the head office of the company. John has to prepare. He'll have to pass a non-standard interview. It is going to have a role play format.

Story 3. Interview

The day has come. John has arrived at the company. He is greeted by the receptionist. John is taken to an office where the interview is going to take place. The interviewers look friendly. They are going to role play possible situations. John is going to give some solutions. His success depends on his answers. John is well prepared. Recently he has been researching this subject a lot. He feels sure. He will definitely pass the interview and get the job.

Story 4. New marketing executive

John has become a marketing executive. His dream has come true and he feels really happy about it. Now he has a wider range of responsibilities than on the previous job. John is in charge of a large area. He has got two employees under. He likes it. This month he is to launch a new channel for promotion the goods of the company. It specializes in the distribution of automotive parts. John believes in his success. His plan is going to work out.

Story 5. Success

John has recommended himself as a reliable employee. All his ideas have worked out recently. His department has grown twice. John is executing his duties pretty well. Now he has got new plans on his mind. John is thinking of starting new projects and obtaining greater results. John allocates the tasks among his junior employees. He is proud of them as they reach all given targets. John is one of the best employees at the company.

Story 6. Doubled

Two years have passed since John's assignment on the position. A lot of changes and improvements have been realized up to now. John is happy about everything. However, he thinks his salary should be higher. He has contributed a lot. And now John is waiting for some dividends. Last week he participated in the meeting with his superior.
The talk was tough. Finally, John obtained a favourable settlement. His salary got doubled.

Story 7. Partnership

John was dreaming of cooperation with some great media company. He thinks that it is going to give a lot of perspectives to the company.
Lately, he has been searching for such an opportunity. John has found one large corporation. He made a call and agreed to meet with its representative the following week. Now he has to create a proposal that would interest them. He is calculating the figures. John hopes to attract this company by offering some real benefits.

Story 8. Deal

The negotiations have passed well. John did his best. He introduced his plan and the other party really liked it. It gives a lot of benefits to both sides. John is planning now to launch this project as soon as possible. He is going to set some certain aims for his workers. The team is to prepare the contract, sign some important agreements and develop the strategy for the project. If everything goes well, the project will be realized in a month.

Story 9. New horizons

A new activity has brought great results. However, it has discovered some problems in the company. John is facing a threat of a failure at the moment. He can't allow for any possibilities of slippage. Yesterday he gathered all at his office. They were discussing what to do in this case. It was a tough talk. John has collected all the data to analyze the perspectives. He has organized an independent team to overcome any troubles.

Story 10. Prosper

The day has been saved again. John has shown his professional competence. The company reached a new level of growth last month.
It seems that nothing can stop it anymore. The marketing department includes a hundred of employees at the moment. And it's a solid team. John took up a position of a chief marketing officer several days ago. He is doing really well. His performance has surpassed everyone's expectations.

1. Is this a job?
2. It’s going to be all right
3. Interview
4. Win
5. Let’s get started
6. Well done
7. A better offer
8. Well
9. Only God knows
10. Good luck

Story 1. Is this a job?

Misha has just graduated from a university. She has got a degree in sociology now. She was working as an intern at the governmental organization for a while. She doesn't feel sure that she belongs here.
She would like to try something different. So, Misha made a resume and posted it on the web sites devoted to job hunting. She put all important details about her education, experience, skills and other.
She is desperate to get a job.

Story 2. It’s going to be all right

Misha got a call yesterday. She didn't expect for it. An HR manager of some business company phoned her. Misha passed that phone interview and now she is to visit the office of the company to participate in the second part. They agreed to have an appointment the following week. It is going to take place in the downtown where the head office is located. Misha feels nervous. It's going to be her first interview. She has to prepare for it perfectly.

Story 3. Interview

Misha is going to pass the interview. She feels really nervous. She was preparing for it all past week. Misha researched the subject backward and forward. The office is located on the eighteenth floor. The interior is quite fashionable. Misha follows a receptionist that takes her to one of the meeting rooms. An interviewer is here. He is waiting for her. Misha is punctual. She has arrived on time. The meeting starts…

Story 4. Win

It was too easy. At first Misha was given a test to fill in some blank spaces. After that, she wrote an essay. She had to answer several questions. Finally, Misha passed a speaking part. She gave her responses on some tough questions. She was brief. Her answers were coherent. The interviewer told her that he was really impressed. Misha thinks she got the job. She is waiting for a call at the moment.

Story 5. Let’s get started

She got it. Today Misha is getting down to work at her new position. She has a lot of ambitions. First, Misha has to get acquainted to her new co-workers. They look friendly. They look helpful. Misha takes part in the meeting on her joining the team. She feels a bit embarrassed. After the meeting Misha is taken to her working place. She is shown all the ropes. She gets down to her first tasks. She hopes to succeed in it.

Story 6. Well done

Misha is doing well. She didn't think that it would be so great. Three months ago she started as an ordinary employee at the company. She passed the internship and now she is a pulling her weight better than the others. Today Misha received her first reward. Her chief delegated some of his responsibilities to her. Now Misha is in charge of a small group that is dealing with a new project for their department. Misha feels so excited. She has dreamt about it for a while.

Story 7. A better offer

That's weird. Today Misha has got a phone call. An hr manager from a well-known company phoned. They didn't talk long. The recruiter told her of a job proposal that is going to interest her. Misha feels quite discombobulated. And the idea of a better and more interesting job is bugging her at the moment. She doesn't know what to do. Misha is going to chew it on. She has to make a right decision. Tomorrow she plans to get back.

Story 8. Well

It's the morning. Misha couldn't sleep herself out. She was thinking of a new job offer all the night. Misha tried to consider all advantages and disadvantages. Finally, she realized that the current job gave her everything. Besides, she is really satisfied with all the opportunities her position provides her. Misha is phoning the hr manager who called her yesterday. She refuses from the offer. She says "No" and doesn't regret about her decision at all.

Story 9. Only God knows

Misha established her position. She feels really confident. Her supervisor is relocating with his family. So he has offered his position to Misha. It's out of the world. Misha hasn't expected that at all. It's a great challenge for her. Misha is sure that she will cope with everything pretty well. However, it's a wider range of responsibilities for her. Now they are discussing about her new salary. She likes the money. It's a good incentive program. What is waiting for her?

Story 10. Good luck

A month ago Misha took a new post for her. Her supervisor left. Now she is dealing with great challenges weekly. She is in charge of a large department. She has got 76 employees under. They are a strong team. Misha takes a separate office room. She quite likes her new life here. She develops new projects, travels on business monthly, clinches new prospects for her company. Misha has achieved a lot.

1. Starting here
2. Leasing an office
3. Interview
4. Working
5. Unstoppable
6. Publicity
7. Not again...
8. A new star
9. Two plus one
10. No way

Story 1. Starting here

Angela is unemployed. Unluckily, her department was cut a couple of weeks ago. She doesn't know what to do… Fortunately, her ex-workmate phoned her last night. They had a long chat. Her mate is starting up his own firm. He made an amazing offer of being a co-partner in the business. Angela agreed. She has got all necessary skills for that. Angela will meet up with her mate tomorrow. It is going to be interesting.

Story 2. So...

Angela is negotiating with her partner at the moment. They are discussing about the nearest actions and setting aims for themselves. Everything is so exciting. It's the first time Angela is taking part in such a project. She believes they will succeed. The meeting is over. It took them about 5 hours. Not everything is set. However, they are ready to start now. Next week Angela is going to visit several offices to choose the best offer for their business...

Story 3. Leasing an office

Angela has visited three offices and liked none of them. Now she is arriving at the fourth one. It looks unlike the others. The offered rooms are located on the eleventh floor. Angela is going up on the elevator. It is light and spacious here. The area is really large. The ceilings are high enough. Angela is satisfied. She is going to sign a contract. They are moving in soon.

Story 4. Working, working, working

Three months ago Angela and her ex-workmate started a small business. One month later her mate left it. He got a fantastic job proposal and couldn't help accepting that. Now it's all up to Angela.
She is handling everything in the company. She is in charge of all the business. So she has to work hard constantly burning the candle at both ends. Angela reached a lot of aims. Though there are a lot of targets yet.

Story 5. Unstoppable…

Several months passed. Now the company is well-known in a local area. Angela has enlarged it twice. There are nearly thirty employees working under. The working conditions are satisfying everyone. The firm is competing successfully. It is taking a significant market share at the moment. Angela is really proud of herself. She is doing her best and can't help doing that.

Story 6. Publicity

This time Angela has to handle some drop off customers' flow. It turns out that recently less and less clients are purchasing the company's product. Angela is having a gathering with the marketing department. The reason is found out. She sets some certain targets for the employees. She assigns one person in charge of that. Angela allocates financial resources as well. She hopes it will work out. Business is going on.

Story 7. Not again...

Angela's project on the publicity was a success. The figures grew. Though she is facing another trouble at the moment. What's happened? One of her co-workers decided to start-up the same business and takes some of his colleagues away from Angela's company. It is disgusting. Angela can't really believe this is happening. She fires the rat. Besides, she is having a gathering and suggests everyone to decide who they are with. Several people resign but the atmosphere is recovered.

Story 8. A new star

Last week Angela had an interview with a new applicant. The man really impressed her. He has got a large experience and quite qualified for the position. Angela is going to offer him a job at her company. She thinks this man will become a new leader at her company. Angela is going to assign him for a junior executive now. Though, she supposes that he has got all chances to make a career and get a top post at their business.

Story 9. Two plus one

Angela has taken a new employee. He is in charge of a narrow area at the moment. However, he demonstrates great results. They are even greater than it was expected. The man is good at communicating with other people. He has got pretty good computer skills and sales techniques. Angela is proud of her choice. Next month she is going to offer him a wider range of responsibilities. It is going to work out perfectly.

Story 10. No way

Angela gets surprising news. The other day her ex-colleague that she had tried to launch the business gave her a call. His proposal was really unbelievable. He has got lots of changes. After they had parted he opened a similar business. The company has overcome some changes and it's the best option to merge his company with hers at the moment. Angela is calculating the figures. It seems to be a great opportunity for her business as well.


1. I need this job

Mark has been jobless for a while.
He is desperate to find a job.
The other day he was looking through some newspaper ads about job offers and came across an interesting one.
The conditions were not so bad.
They proposed the day shift, a flexible schedule, a nice social package.
Mark decides to make a phone call.
He hears a pleasant voice on the other end of the line.
It is his chance. Now Mark is making an appointment.

2. Not bad

It's the day. Mark is having an interview today.
He feels nervous.
He hasn't got a great choice.
So he has to pass it anyway.
Mark arrives on time.
He has put his best shirt on.
He looks handsome.
Besides, he has got all the papers ready.
He wants to do his best.
The interviewer is a cute woman.
Mark answers all her questions easily.
She congratulates him with the new job.
Mark feels out the world now.

3. Just the beginning

Recently Mark got a new job.
He hasn't got many responsibilities at the moment.
However, Mark is really proud of himself.
Since the last year he hasn't worked anywhere.
He considers this post as a good start.
Hopefully, Mark will get the hang of everything quite fast.
This week Mark has been looking into the duties deeply.
The work doesn't seem to be too complicated.
Mark answers calls, sorts paperwork, orders the necessary supplies.
He's good at it.

4. It gets wider

Last night Mark was overworking at the office.
His workmates left.
And he got alone.
He didn't expect any troubles.
But some time later one of the customers of the company arrived at the office.
He was really cross.
Mark had to sort it out. He was communicable.
He was quite friendly and polite.
The customer left the office satisfied.
It would definitely help Mark out in the nearest future.

5. Corporate ladder

After the incident with one important contractors Mark was promoted.
He could stand his ground.
Now Mark is in charge of a wider area.
He deals with a greater amount of chores.
One of his new responsibilities is concluding contracts with company's clients.
He hasn't even dreamt about that.
His co-workers are proud of him as well.
Mark can't let anyone down now.
He will definitely prosper.

6. It's a deal

Not so long ago Mark got a promotion.
This time his aim is to clinch his first deal.
He has focused all his efforts on that.
Mark has obtained enough knowledge and qualification by this time so he can do it.
Now Mark is answering a phone call.
The customer he had to handle is phoning him.
He doesn't want to work with anyone else now.
Mark is making an offer.
The client agrees. It's a deal!
Mark feels out of the world.

7. Fantastic

Eleven months ago Mark started working at the company.
He got a junior position.
However, several months later he was promoted since he really did his best.
Mark has got the hang of everything now.
He is thinking of something new.
He would like to launch a new program for company' prospects.
So he is heading to his bosses.
They are listening attentively.
They look surprised. They like it.
Mark has an approval.
He has to organize everything now.

8. It has been expected

Mark is working hard.
He is to start a new program next month.
He has got a team that he can rely on.
All the members are working hard since they are looking forward to succeeding.
Mark is a nice supervisor.
He tries to help everyone out so they can obtain desirable results.
Everything is going to be fine.
Mark makes sure all the parts of project are ready to be put into practice.
In several days it starts.

9. Victory

The program was launched on time.
Mark and his team had realized all their plans.
At the moment the company is gaining pretty well because of the change adoption.
Mark's chieves are proud of him.
They don't regret about the decision to promote him at all.
Mark is dealing with the current tasks now.
He has to implement all new features due to the new program.
He is doing quite well.
He really deserves to be proud of.

10. Isn't he lucky?

Some time has passed since Mark felt his feet in the company.
He has put all his plans and ideas into practice.
Over the last several months Mark has gained a lot of experience that helps him in his daily work now.
Today Mark gets a fantastic offer.
He is appointed to the position of a chief of a separate department with seven employees.
It is really amazing.
Mark feels out of the world.
He has never expected that before.

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