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Improve Your English 👍 Alvis - The Dark Elf - Brilliant Alvis - Level 1

Alvis was a dark elf. Nobody liked the dark elves. They were greedy people, and very unfriendly. But Alvis did not think this. 'A dark elf is as good as any other man,' he said to the other dark elves. 'Or a god!' The other elves laughed at him. 'We're greedy people,' they said. 'And unfriendly. We like being greedy and unfriendly!' They all laughed more.

Improve Your English 👍 The Prince and the Servants - Prince vs Queen - Level 1

"Once there was a bad and jealous queen. She had a kind and beautiful daughter. Many princes from many countries wanted to marry the princess. The queen said to each prince, 'Before you marry my daughter, you have to do something for me.' And then she gave him an impossible job. When he couldn't do it, she said, 'Now you will die.' And her wood-cutter cut off his head."

Improve your English 👍 Journey's End - Level 1

"Tom Smith was a nice young man. He wanted a job, but he couldn't find one. Many people wanted to work, and there weren't many jobs. Tom felt sad because he never had money for clothes or the cinema. When he was younger, Tom wanted to be a footballer. He was good at football, and at tennis, too. He was good at every sport. But there were other, better players."

Improve your English 👍 Fisherman and the Giant - Level 1

Improve Your English 👍 Sister's Love - Two Sisters Story - Level 1

Marcia met Howard Collins at church. Marcia was thirty-five years old, Howard was forty-one. Howard lived with his mother in a small house on the south side of the town. Marcia lived with her sister and father in an apartment, three streets away.

Improve Your English 👍 The White Birds - Level 1

"Once there was a king with ten sons and one daughter. Their mother died when the daughter, Elisa, was born. They were very good, happy children. Then the king fell in love with another woman and he married her. He loved his new queen and in his eyes she was always right. But she was a bad, jealous woman. She hated the king's ten sons, and she wanted to send them away."  

Improve your English 👍 Heron and Hummingbird - Never Give Up - Level 1

"The heron and the hummingbird lived near a big lake. They were good friends, but they were very different. Heron was tall, strong, and slow, and Hummingbird was small and very fast. Heron and Hummingbird loved to eat fish from the lake. Heron liked the big fish, and Hummingbird liked the little fish."

Improve Your English 👍 Thief in Happy Hills - Level 1

Every day lots of different people come to Happy Hills because there are lots of exciting things to do. Sally Brown works at Happy Hills in her holiday. She is a student and she wants to be a teacher. 'I need the money,' she tells her family, 'and it's an interesting job.' But she is always very tired in the evening.

Improve Your English 👍 Beauty's Sacrifice - Very beautiful Love Story - Level 1

One daughter is called 'Beauty' because she is very beautiful. The other two daughters are called Rosalind and Hortensia. They are lazy and unfriendly. They like going out and having fun. They both want to find a rich husband. They do not like Beauty because she is beautiful."

Improve Your English 👍 Book of Mysteries - 5000 years old Secrets - Level 1

"Laura and Max are twins. They live in London with their mum and dad. They always have interesting adventures on holiday. They visit different cities and countries. This summer they are going to stay in a small cottage in the country. The cottage is in a village called Stonecross, near Salisbury. Max and Laura aren't very happy."

Improve Your English 👍 Story of Pocahontas - True Story - Level 1

"May was a beautiful month in the land of the Algonquin Indians. There were tall trees and colorful flowers everywhere. The sky and the sea were deep blue. Pocahontas was the favorite daughter of Chief Powhatan. She was an Indian princess. Chief Powhatan was a powerful chief of the Algonquin tribe."

Improve Your English 👍 Goose Girl and Unfaithful Maid - Level 1

"Once upon a time, there was a queen who had only one beautiful daughter. She loved the girl very much. At last, the day came for the princess to go far away and marry a prince. The queen was sad to say goodbye."

Improve Your English 👍 Swan🦢 Princess - Swan Lake - Level 1

"Once upon a time, in a faraway land, there lived a Prince. His name was Zigfried, and he was very unhappy. His father, the King, had died, and since then, everyone in the palace had forgotten how to smile. Without his father, Zigfried thought he would never feel happy again."

Improve Your English 👍 My Kind Wife Ella - The Pigeon - Level 1

"The strong can take care of themselves. But what about the weak? What happens to a child, a young animal, a sick bird, when there is no one to take care of them? Jan has found a sick bird, a pigeon. It cannot fly and is very weak. It will probably die, but Jan has a deep and terrible need to take care of it."

Improve Your English 👍 The Duke and Duchess - Love Story - Level 1

Prince Edward was born in 1894. His father, King George V, was a tall, cold man who did not like children. 'Why does Edward talk all the time?' he once said. 'He's a very noisy child!' His mother, Queen Mary, agreed. 'It doesn't matter if Edward is happy or unhappy,' she said. 'A child must be silent and strong.'

Improve Your English 👍 Lovely Beach - Blue Moon Beach and the Birds - Level 1

I'm sitting and watching birds. I'm at Blue Moon Beach. I think it is the best beach in the world. The water is warm and blue. The sand is very white. Blue Moon Beach is my beach. I've lived here all my life. Other people come here for a week or two. They swim at the beach. They come to see the fish too. There are many fish in the water at Blue Moon Beach.

Improve Your English 👍 Great Story of Robin Hood - Take from rich give to poor - Level 1

Robin Hood was born near the end of the 12th century. His real name was Robert. He was the son of the Earl of Huntingdon. At that time, England had many problems. King Richard was away on a crusade in the Holy Land. He was away many years.

Improve Your English 👍 Pecos Bill - The Coyote - The Cowboy - Level 1

Pecos Bill was born in the East of the United States in the 1800's. He had a lot of brothers and sisters. Bill was the baby of the family. When Bill was about two years old, his mother and father decided to move to the West. They wanted to be pioneers. They liked the adventure of the frontier.

Improve Your English 👍 All about Your Body - lot to learn - Level 1

You have skin everywhere on your body. Your skin helps you to touch things. It helps you to know when things are hot or cold. Skin stops dirt getting into your body. It stops water getting into your body when it's rainy and when you swim.

Improve Your English 👍 Mysterious Man - Man in Black Mask - Level 1

Reina de Los Angeles is a Spanish village in southern California. In the village there is a military presidio with Spanish soldiers and their horses. There is also a Spanish church called a mission. The Spanish friars live here. All around the village there are big homes with patios.

Improve Your English 👍 Aladdin and the Special Lamp - Level 1

A long time ago, a magician wanted a very special magic lamp. But the lamp was in a cave in China. The magician couldn't go into the cave to get the lamp. Only a boy could get the magic lamp from the cave.

Improve Your English 👍 Marcel - The Detective - The Mouse - Level 1

Marcel is a French mouse. He's a detective and he lives in Paris. But Marcel doesn't live in Pans all year. Every November he visits London. His old friend - Henry - has a small flat there.

Improve Your English 👍 Mountain Life - Interesting things in Mountains - Level 1

Mountains are high places on Earth. Earth has a crust. Earth's crust moves very, very slowly. It can move up and make mountains. Mountains are very high. Mount Everest is about 8,850 meters high. Mountains are very old, too. Some mountains are millions of years old.

Improve Your English 👍 Beautiful Earth - All about Earth - Level 1

Earth is round, like an orange. Oranges have a skin and Earth has a skin, too. We call this skin Earth's crust. Under the crust, there is very hot rock. Earth's crust has different pieces. These pieces move very, very slowly. Millions of years ago, the pieces moved and made mountains.

Improve Your English 👍 All about Ocean Life - Living in the Ocean - Level 1

There are five oceans, and they cover about 70 percent of Earth. Oceans and their seashores are different all around the world. On the Arctic Ocean and the Southern Ocean, there's a lot of ice in winter. In warm tropical oceans, you can find colorful coral reefs, where very many plants, fish, and other animals live.

Improve Your English 👍 The Beautiful Island - LANA -- Life in Island - Level 1

"There are many islands in the sea near Scotland. This story is about one of these islands. The name of the island is Lana. Lana isn't big, but it's very beautiful. It's very quiet, too. There are no houses or roads or cars on Lana. But there's a castle. The castle is very old."

Improve Your English 👍 All about Desert Life - Life in the Desert - Level 1

A desert is a dry place that has less than 25 centimeters of rain every year. Some deserts have no rain for months or years. Some deserts have sand, but others have stones or rocks. Some deserts are in the mountains.

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