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Improve Your English 👍 The Old Doll with Smiling Face - Level 0

Mr Brown lived near the center of town, but his small house had a garden. Mr Brown liked his garden very much. It had a lot of flowers and they were pretty in summer - red, blue and yellow. Mr Brown liked sitting there in the evenings and at weekends.

Improve Your English 👍 The Other man - Unknown man - Level 0 | LEH #11

I was a writer. I wrote books. I write now, but nobody knows. Nobody can see me now. Something strange has happened to me. I will tell you about it. In January, I wanted to write a very long book. So I left my home and I found a little room. 'This is a good room for a writer,' I thought. 'I'll write my book here.' It was a little room, but I liked it. It was very quiet. I began to work on my book and I was happy. Then things began to happen - strange things.

Improve Your English 👍 Animal's Life at Night - Must Read - Level 0 | LEH #10

"When the sun goes down, it gets dark and the air gets a lot colder. For many people, it's time to go to sleep, but a lot of animals only come out at night. They are called nocturnal animals."

Improve Your English 👍 The Lucky Hat - Level 0 | LEH #05

Bernardo lives in Rome. He likes hats. One day he is at a street market near the Colosseum. Suddenly, he stops. "I like that hat!" he says. Bernardo buys the hat. "I can put it in a bag for you," the woman says. "No, it's OK," Bernardo says. "I can wear it. Put my old hat in the bag, please."

Improve Your English 👍 Lost Love - One day love - Level 0 | LEH #43

"These things happened to me nearly ten years ago. I lived in a city, but the city was hot in summer. I wanted to see the country. I wanted to walk in the woods and see green trees. I had a little red car and I had a map, too. I drove all night out into the country."

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